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McClean, Jarrod R, and Alan Aspuru-Guzik. Clock Quantum Monte Carlo Technique: An Imaginary-Time Method For Real-Time Quantum Dynamics. Physical Review A 91. Physical Review A (2015). doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.91.012311.
Er, Suleyman, Changwon Suh, Michael P Marshak, and Alan Aspuru-Guzik. Computational Design Of Molecules For An All-Quinone Redox Flow Battery. Chemical Science 6. Chemical Science (2015): 885-893. doi:10.1039/c4sc03030c.
Hongo, Kenta, Mark A Watson, Toshiaki Iitaka, Alan Aspuru-Guzik, and Ryo Maezono. Diffusion Monte Carlo Study Of Para-Diiodobenzene Polymorphism Revisited. Journal Of Chemical Theory And Computation 11. Journal Of Chemical Theory And Computation (2015): 907-917. doi:10.1021/ct500401p.
Pyzer-Knapp, Edward O, Kewei Li, and Alan Aspuru-Guzik. Learning From The Harvard Clean Energy Project: The Use Of Neural Networks To Accelerate Materials Discovery. Advanced Functional Materials 25. Advanced Functional Materials (2015): 6495-6502. doi:10.1002/adfm.201501919.
Gelbwaser-Klimovsky, David, and Alan Aspuru-Guzik. Strongly Coupled Quantum Heat Machines. Journal Of Physical Chemistry Letters 6. Journal Of Physical Chemistry Letters (2015): 3477-3482. doi:10.1021/acs.jpclett.5b01404.
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