Computational Stellar Astrophysics


The Computational Stellar Astrophysics (CSA) group uses numerical models to study:

  • Coronal structure and dynamics, as well as coronal heating of other stars.
  • Plasma physics in exoplanetary systems - this research involves interplanetary physics and space weather of close-in exoplanets, star-planet magnetic interaction, and magnetospheric dynamics and physics of the upper atmospheres of close-in planets.
  • Solar wind interaction with the Earth's magnetosphere, to calculate solar wind charge exchange X-ray emission.
  • The corona and interplanetary environment of the young Sun.
  • Radiation and ionization in accretion disks.
  • Novae Hydrodynamics.

Ofer Cohen, Jeremy Drake, Vinay Kashyap, Steve Saar, Cecilia Garraffo, Brad Wargelin.