CMB Polarization


BICEP 1, BICEP 2, Keck Array, and BICEP 3

Observing from the South Pole, this series of experiments aims to discover signatures of Inflation by actually detecting the Cosmic Gravitational-Wave Background (CGB) via its weak imprint as the unique B-mode polarization signature of the CMB, directly probing the Universe at an earlier time than ever before. Each generation represents a large increase in sensitivity to B-mode polarization. BICEP 1 observed during 2006-2008 with 98 detectors, BICEP 2 began observing in the beginning of 2010 with 512 detectors, and the first three of five Keck Array telescopes began observing in the beginning of 2011, each with 512 detectors. The final two Keck Array receivers were successfully deployed to the South Pole during the summer season of 2012, bringing Keck Array's total detector count to 2500. BICEP 3 expands the optics of BICEP2/Keck to accommodate 2500 detectors in a single focal plane. It will deploy to the South Pole in fall 2014, where both BICEP3 and the Keck Array are planned to observe through the winter of 2016.

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Colin Bischof, Immanuel Buder, John Kovac