Radio and Geoastronomy Division (RG)

The Radio and Geoastronomy Division (R&G) has as its primary mission the exploration of the universe utilizing the low energy portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which includes the radio, millimeter, sub-millimeter and infrared wavelength bands. Research in the R&G Division spans a wide range of topics including the geodetic investigation of the earth's gravitational field, studies of solar system objects, star and planet formation, the interstellar medium, interstellar chemistry, evolved stars, galactic structure, active galaxies, black holes, and cosmology. The primary observational facility of the Division is the Submillimeter Array (SMA).

Contact Information
Associate Director: 

Dr. David J. Wilner 617-496-7623

Division Administrator: 

Ms. Muriel Hodges 617-496-7617

Division Web Contact: 

Dr. Thomas Dame 617-495-7334