Mass-Loss Return from Stars to Galaxies Workshop

Location: Pratt lecture hall (CfA)

Dates: May 20 and 21

We are planning a small informal workshop to discuss the topic of mass-loss return to galaxies and the resulting dust and metal enrichment process. The workshop will be 1.5 to 2 days and involve talks as well as lengthy discussion sessions in Pratt. The talks given will reflect the expertise of the participants. Talks will include measurements of mass-loss rates from a variety of evolved stars populations (e.g. Asymptotic Giant Branch stars, Red Giant stars, Planetary nebulae, Wolf-Rayet Stars, Luminous Blue Variables, Red Supergiants, O & B stars, Supernovae, Gamma Ray Bursts), metal enrichment measurements from abundance studies, theory of metal and dust enrichment in the evolution of galaxies, and measurement of dust(/metal) content of high-redshift submm galaxies. Your additional ideas & contributions are welcomed, please include them in the email for May 7. The talks given will reflect the expertise of the participants.

Thursday, May 20
8-9:00 AM Coffee/Tea Breakfast munchies
9:00 Opening Alcock/Meixner
9:30 Andrea Dupree Mass Loss from Red Giant Branch stars in Globular clusters, (ppt), (pdf)
10:00 Jay Strader Fast Winds from Red Giants in Helium (pdf)
10:30-10:45 Coffee break
10:45 David Riebel: The Period Luminosity Relation for Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars (pdf)
11:15 Ben Sargent: The GRAMS Evolved Star Mass-Loss Models: CMDs, CCDs, and Stellar Population Analysis for the LMC, (ppt), (pdf)
11:45 Lynn Matthews: Tails of Stellar Mass-Loss: VLA Observations of Evolved Stars in the HI 21-cm Line
12:15 Lunch
1:15 Nimesh Patel SMA line survey of IRC+10216 in the 345 GHz band (pdf)
1:45 Margaret Meixner: SMA observations of the Galactic Bulge (pdf), (ppt)
2:15 PM Discussion of Metallicity Dependence of Mass Loss in Post-MS stars: Leader: Strader
2:45-3:00 Coffee break
3:00 Joseph Hora: Spitzer observations of Planetary and Proto-planteary nebulae (pdf), (ppt)
3:30 Alexa Hart: Dust Chemistry as a Tracer of Evolutionary Status Among Post-AGB Stars (pdf)
4:00 CfA Coloquium: Sean Andrews, Phillips
Friday, May 21
8-9:00 AM Coffee/Tea Breakfast munchies
9:00 Steve Cranmer: On the Importance of Stellar Rotation and Pulsation in Theoretical Predictions of Mass Loss from Luminous Stars (pdf), (ppt)
9:30 Masaaki Otsuka: Dust production in Type II supernovae: the case of SN2004et (pdf)
10:00 Daniel Patnaude: Models of Type IA supernovae (pdf)
10:30-11:00 Coffee / Posters
11:00 Discussion: The formation of supernova remnants and the importance of Progenitor mass loss and the origins of Asymmetry - P. Slane (pdf)
11:30 Anna Frebel Measurements of Galaxy evolution via abundances (pdf), (ppt)
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 Chris Hayward: Models of Submillimeter Galaxies (pdf)
1:30 Discussion: A Census of mass loss return from stellar populations: What is the status
2:00 Meixner, departing remarks

Please email Talk title/abstract, or discussion session idea to
Thomas Mullen and Margaret Meixner

The following people plan to attend the meeting on these dates:

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics:

  • Joseph Hora
  • Jay Strader
  • Alexa Hart
  • Andrea Dupree
  • Warren Brown
  • Anna Frebel
  • Nimesh Patel
  • Pat Slane
  • Jonathan Slavin
  • Dusan Keres
  • Chris Hayward
  • Steve Cranmer
  • David Patnaude
Visiting Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics:
  • David Riebel (JHU)
  • Margaret Meixner (STScI)
  • Tea Temin
  • Ken Young
  • External:

    • Lynn Matthews (Haystack/MIT)
    • Masaaki Otsuka (STScI)
    • Ben Sargent (STScI)


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