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R&G Lunch Talks, Fall 2000 ARCHIVE
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Radio and Geo-Astronomy Lunch Talks

Fridays -- 12:30PM -- 160 Concord, Room 340

Bring Your Lunch, or Join the Speaker Afterwards

October 20 Sungeun Kim (CfA)
An HI Aperture Synthesis Mosaic Survey of the Large Megellanic Cloud (Abstract)
October 27 Juan Pardo (Caltech)
Atmospheric Transmission and Planetary Studies with an FTS (Abstract)
October 30
K. Y. Lo (Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics)
Current Status of Astronomy in Taiwan: SMA, TAOS and AMiBA (Abstract)
November 3 Dr. Pete Schloerb (University of Massachusettes, Amherst)
The Large Millimeter Telescope (Abstract)
November 10 Veteran's Day
Official SAO Holiday
November 17 Qizhou Zhang (CfA)
Disks and outflows in high-mass star forming regions (Abstract)
December 1 Andreas Brunthaler (CfA)
III Zw 2: superluminal motion and compact lobe expansion in a Seyfert galaxy (Abstract)
December 8 Dr. Jonathan Williams (University of Florida)
The Role of Turbulence in Star Formation (Abstract)
December 15 Merry Christmas
See you next year...

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