Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
R&G Lunch Talks, Fall 2001
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Radio and Geoastronomy Lunch Talks

Fridays -- 12:30PM -- 160 Concord, Room 340

Fall 2001 Schedule

September 18 Dr Sonny Mathews (University of Madras, India)
(Special) Earth rotation variations and the Earth's interior (Abstract)
September 21 No talk
September 28 No talk
October 5 Dr. Lincoln Greenhill (CfA)
Structures Associated with High-Mass Star Formation on Scales from 10 - 10,000AU (Abstract)
October 12 Dr. Eric Keto (CfA)
An Ionized Accretion Flow in Massive Star Formation (Abstract)
October 19 Dr. Jerry Mitrovica (Cancelled)
October 26 Dr. Robert D. Reasenberg (CfA)
Testing the Equivalence Principle on a Trampoline (Abstract)
November 2 Dr. Andrew Walsh (CfA)
The Origin of Class II Methanol Masers (Abstract)
November 9 Henrik Beuther (Max Planck, Bonn, Germany)
Early Stages of Massive Star Formation (Abstract)
November 16 Dr. Guillem Anglada
November 30 Subhanjoy Mohanty (UC Berkeley)
Activity in Very Cool Dwarfs: Magnetic Dissipation in Late M & L Dwarf Atmospheres (Abstract)
December 7 Ciska Kemper (University of Amsterdam)
The Life Cycle of Oxygen-Rich Dust (Abstract)
December 14 TBD
December 18 (Special time)
Marijke Haverkorn (Leiden Observatory, Netherlands)
Multi-frequency polarimetry of the Galactic radio background at wavelengths around 90cm (Abstract)
December 28 No talk

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