Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
R&G Lunch Talks, Spring 2001
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Radio and Geo-Astronomy Lunch Talks

Fridays -- 12:30PM -- 160 Concord, Room 340

Bring Your Lunch, or Join the Speaker Afterwards

January 26 No talk this friday.
Please attend Special Monday R&G Lunch talk on January 29
January 29
Jacqueline Keane (Groningen University)
Ices in massive star forming regions (Abstract)
February 2 Dr. Ted Bergin (CfA)
Will the SMA Detect Molecules in Cold Protoplanetary Disks: A Theoretical Perspective (Abstract)
February 23 Dr. Sienny Shang (CfA)
Structures and Excitation Conditions of Jets from Young Stars (Abstract)
March 2 Dr. T.K. Sridharan (CfA)
A Search for High-Mass Protostellar Objects (Abstract)
March 16 Dr. Mark Gurwell (CfA)
Millimeterwave Astronomy of Planetary Atmospheres (Abstract)
March 30 Dr. Gopal Narayanan (U. Mass, Amherst)
Tracing the Signatures of Star Formation (Abstract)
April 6 Dr. Nuria Calvet (CfA)
Clues to the formation of planets: the T Tauri disks (Abstract)
April 20 Dr. Kevin Luhman (CfA)
On the MBM12 Young Association (Abstract)
April 27 Dr. Wilfred Walsh (CfA)
Molecular Gas in NGC6946 (Abstract)
May 4 Dr. Tracy Huard (CfA)
Evidence for the Growth of Protostellar Dust Grains from Submillimeter Continuum Observations (Abstract)
May 11 Dr. Susan Terebey (Extrasolar Research Corporation)
A Search for Substellar Objects in the rho Oph Star-Forming Region (Abstract)
May 18 Alex Wilson (CfA)
A kinematically unusual dark cloud in Hercules (Abstract)
May 25
Dr. James Moran (CfA)
The Development of High Resolution Imaging in Radio Astronomy (Abstract)
June 15 Dr. Pedro Elosegui (CfA)
Sensing Atmospheric Water Vapor using the Global Positioning System (Abstract)

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