Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
R&G Lunch Talks, Fall 02 and Spring 03
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Radio and Geoastronomy Lunch Talks

Fridays -- 12:30pm -- 160 Concord, Room 340

Current Schedule

September 6 Alex Wilson (CfA)
Molecular gas in Orion-Monoceros: A new 12CO survey (Abstract)
September 13 No Talk
September 20 Amiel Sternberg (Tel Aviv University)
The Compact High Velocity HI Clouds as Dark Matter Mini-Halos (Abstract)
September 24 (Tues)
K. E. Saavik Ford (Johns Hopkins University)
(Local Contact: Ted Bergin)
Expect the Unexpected: Detection and Characterization of the Extrasolar Cometary System Around IRC+10216 (Abstract)
September 27 Jo-Anne Brown (Univ. Calgary)
(Local Contact: Bryan Gaensler)
Observations of the Galactic Magnetic Field using Data from the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (Abstract)
October 4 Åke Hjarlmarson (Onsala Observatory)
(Local Contact: Gary Melnick)
New Astronomy with the ODIN Satellite (Abstract)
October 11 Bob Campbell (JIVE)
The EVN MkIV Data Processor at JIVE (Abstract)
October 18 Henrik Beuther (MPIfR)
(Local Contact: Andrew Walsh)
Massive star formation: from single-dish to high-resolution interferometric observation (Abstract)
October 22 (Tues)
Leonid Gurvits (JIVE)
Milliarcsecond structures in AGN: a cosmological perspective (Abstract)
October 25 David Aguilar (CfA, Director, Public Affairs)
Better Ways to Get the News Out! (Abstract)
October 28 (Mon)
JinLin Han
(Local Contact: Jun-Hui Zhao)
(National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
The large-scale magnetic field structure of our Galaxy (Abstract)
November 1 Mark Reid (CfA)
Where is Sgr A* and how fast does it move? (Abstract)
November 8 No Talk
November 15 Bruno Merin (CfA)
EXPORT observational results on protoplanetary disc evolution (Abstract)
November 22 Charlie Lada (CfA)
The Structure and Dynamical State of Barnard 68: Measuring the Heartbeat of a Cold Dark Cloud (Abstract)
November 29 No Talk - Turkey recovery
December 2 (Monday)
Anne Dutrey (IRAM)
(Local Contact: Nuria Calvet)
Physical Parameters of Protoplanetary Disks deduced from resolved mm observations (Abstract)
December 6 Eric Keto (CfA)
On the evolution of ultra-compact HII regions (Abstract)
December 13 Fred Baganoff (MIT)
Unveiling the Galactic Center with the Chandra X-ray Observatory (Abstract)
December 20 Julianne Dalcanton (Univ. of Washington)
(Local Contact: Scott Kenyon)
A Fundamental Transition in the Structure of the Cold ISM: Implications for Dust Lanes and the Kennicutt Threshold for Star Formation (Abstract)
December 27 No Talk - Holiday recovery
January 3 No Talk - New year recovery
January 10 No Talk
January 17 Youngung Lee (Korea Astronomy Observatory)
(Local Contact: Adair Lane)
Variation of z-height of the molecular clouds on the Galactic Plane (Abstract)
January 24 No Talk
January 31 Frank Bensch (CfA)
Water Line Emission from Comets (Abstract)
February 7 Craig Foltz (MMTO Director)
Update on the status of the MMT conversion
February 14 Jeffrey Bary (Vanderbilt) (TBC)
The Missing Link: Observations of Molecular Hydrogen Emission from the Disks of T Tauri Stars (Abstract)
February 21 No Talk
February 28 Satoki Matsushita (CfA)
Starburst at the Expanding Molecular Superbubble in M82 (Abstract)
March 7 Prof. Maurice Van Putten (MIT-LIGO)
(Local contact: Sungeun Kim)
GRB-supernovae and their emissions in gravitational waves (Abstract)
March 14 No Talk
March 21 No Talk
March 28 Sungeun Kim (CfA)
AST/RO Observations of CO (J=7-6) Emission in NGC 6334 (Abstract)
April 4 No Talk
April 11 No Talk
April 18 No Talk
April 24 (Thurs)
Dr. Yoaz Bar-Sever (JPL)
(Local contact: Pedro Elosegui)
Assessing the information content in the GPS line of sight measurements (Abstract)
May 2 Antony Stark (CfA-AS/TRO)
Design of the South Pole Telescope (Abstract)
May 9 Jim Jackson (BU)
(Local contact: Tyler Bourke)
The Boston University-Five College Radio Observatory Galactic Ring Survey (Abstract)
May 16 Matt Redman (UCL)
(Local Contact: Eric Keto) Depletion and Rotation in Prestellar Cores (Abstract)
May 23 Eric Keto (SAO)
High Mass Star Formation by Accretion through Trapped Hypercompact HII Regions (Abstract)
May 30 Elizabeth Humphreys (CfA)
Masers as Signposts of AGB Star Evolution (Abstract)
June 6 Erik Rosolowsky (UC Berkeley)
Studying Molecular Cloud Formation with the GMCs in M33 (Abstract)
June 13 Martin Bruell (Köln)
Galactic Ring Survey in CO 3-2 with KOSMA
June 20 Sign Up

Contact for speaker suggestions or other information: Tyler Bourke
See archive of previous talks: Fall 2000, Spring 2001, Fall 2001 and Spring 2002