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R&G Lunch Talks, Spring 2002
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Radio and Geoastronomy Lunch Talks

Fridays -- 12:30PM -- 160 Concord, Room 340

Spring 2002 Schedule

January 4 No talk
January 11 Dr. Sun Kwok (University of Calgary)
Molecular Synthesis in the Circumstellar Environment (Abstract)
January 18 Andreas Brunthaler (Max Planck, Bonn, Germany)
Proper Motions in the Local Group (Abstract)
January 25 Dr. Lynn Matthews (CfA)
VLA HI Observations of Two Edge-On `Superthin' Spirals (Abstract)
February 1 No talk
February 8 Dr. Bryan Gaensler (CfA)
High resolution polarimetry of the interstellar medium (Abstract)
February 15 Dr. Mario van den Ancker (CfA)
Infrared Observations of Herbig Ae/Be Protoplanetary Disks (Abstract)
February 22 Dr. Tyler Bourke (CfA)
Inward Motions in Starless Dense Molecular Cloud Cores (Abstract)
March 1 No talk
March 8 Dr. Di Li (CfA)
HI Narrow Line Absorption--Molecular or Not? (Abstract)
March 15 Dr. Mario Tafalla (OAN, Spain)
Molecular Differentiation of Starless Cores (Abstract)
March 22 Dr. Snezana Stanimirovic (Arecibo Observatory)
Magellanic Stream probes density of the Galactic Halo (Abstract)
March 29 Dr. Thomas Megeath (CfA)
The Impact of Massive Stars on Cluster Formation? (Abstract)
April 2 Joint with the Interferometry Seminar (Special time)
Dr. John Monnier (CfA)
April 5 Dr. Sheng-Cai Shi (Purple Mountain Obs., China)
Status of the QingHai 14-m Millimeter-Wave Telescope (Abstract)
April 12 Dr. Frank Bensch (CfA)
How 'translucent' are translucent molecular clouds ? (Abstract)
April 19 Dr. Simon Radford (NRAO)
April 26 Dr. Ted Bergin (CfA)
Dark Clouds are Really Dark (Abstract)
May 3 Dr. Scott Paine (CfA)
Prospects for Ground-based Terahertz Astronomy from Cerro Sairecabur (Abstract)
May 10 No talk
May 17 Dr. Phil Myers (CfA)
Inward Motions in Dense Cores (Abstract)
May 24 No talk
June 14 Dr. Hiroyuki Maezawa (Nobeyama Observatory)
Submillimeter wave CI line observations with Mount Fuji submillimeter-wave telescope (Abstract)
June 21 Dr. Farhad Yusef-Zadeh (Northwestern University)
H Masers at 1720 MHz: Evidence for Shocked Molecular Gas (Abstract)
July 26 Dr. Chi Yuan (ASIAA, Taiwan)
Structure and Evolution of the Central Gas-dust Disks in Nearby Galaxies (Abstract)
August 2 Joint RG/OIR seminar
Eduardo Gonzalez (Universidad de Alcala, Spain)
ISO observations and modeling of CO and H2O toward the Orion shock (Abstract)
August 23 Dr. Christopher L. Martin (CfA)
The Inner 200pc: Hot Dense Molecular Gas in the Galactic Center (Abstract)

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