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R&G Lunch Talks (Fall 2004 / Spring 2005)
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Radio and Geoastronomy Lunch Talks (2004/2005)

Fridays -- 12:30pm -- 160 Concord, Room 340 (unless otherwise noted)

August 13 Nanda Kumar Centro de Astrofisica da Universidade do Porto "Massive Proto-Stars and Small Proto-Clusters" (Abstract)
September 17 Leonid Matveenko Institute for Cosmic Research, Moscow "Star Formation Regions in Orion KL"
October 15 Ralf Launhardt MPI Heidelberg "Constraints on binary star formation models from observations of binary protostars" (Abstract)
October 22 3rd floor conference room unavailable
October 29 at Noon Gerrit Verschuur University of Memphis Evidence from Neutral Hydrogen Data for the Critical Ionization Velocity Effect in in the Interstellar Medium (Abstract)
November 3 at 2PM in Pratt (Special Theory/R&G Seminar) Sukanya Chakrabarti Univ. of California, Berkeley Analytic Methods for Calculating SEDs: from Protostars to Dusty Galaxies (Abstract)
November 12 Eric Rosolowsky Univ. of California, Berkeley Giant Molecular Clouds in the Nearby Universe (Abstract)
November 19 Ed Sutton Univ. of Illinois Bayesian Analysis in Astronomy (Abstract)
Monday November 29 in Phillips Auditorium Rob Gutermuth Univ. of Rochester Spitzer observations of young stellar clusters
December 3 Josh Eisner Caltech Frequency, Mass, and Evolution of Young Circumstellar Disks (Abstract)
December 10 at 11AM Josh Simon UC Berkeley Dark Matter in Dwarf Galaxies (Abstract)
December 17 Jose Torrelles Instituto de Ciencias del Espacio (CSIC), Barcelona A Pair of Close YSOs with Different Outflow Ejection Geometry (Abstract)
January 21 Crystal Brogan Univ. Hawaii (IfA) High Mass Star Formation: From the Cradle to the Grave (Abstract)
February 11 Mark Reid CfA "Recent Advances in Astrometry with the VLBA" (Abstract)
February 25 Jill Rathborne Boston Univ. "Infrared Dark Clouds: Precursors to Massive Star Formation" (Abstract)
March 4 Interferometry Workshop in Phillips
March 25 Henrik Beuther CfA The SMA View of Orion KL -- Thermal and Maser Emissions in the 860 Micron Band and First Observations at 690 GHz
May 13 Harvey Liszt NRAO Molecules in the local diffuse interstellar medium (Abstract)
June 17 Eric Keto CfA Starbursts, Star Clusters, and the formation of Globular Clusters (Abstract)
Wednesday July 6 at 3PM Pierre Cox Institut de RadioAstronomie Millimetrique (IRAM) Studies of high-redshift sources at millimeter wavelengths: recent results and future projects at IRAM
Thursday July 21 at 11AM Rolan Kothes DRAO "A Close Look at the Ecosystem of the Milky Way Galaxy: the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey" (Abstract)
July 22 Shami Chatterjee CfA "Much Faster than a Speeding Bullet: Pulsar Astrometry with the VLBA" (Abstract)
July 29 Salvador Curiel UNAM/CfA "Disks, Outflows and Radio Jets in the High-mass Star Forming Region Cepheus A" (Abstract)
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