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R&G Lunch Talks (Fall 2005 / Spring 2006)
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Radio and Geoastronomy Lunch Talks (2005/2006)

Fridays -- 12:30pm -- 160 Concord, Room 340 (unless otherwise noted)

Tuesday September 6 David Hughes INAOE, Mexico BLAST and the LMT: Tracing the evolution of structure in the early universe (Abstract)
Wednesday September 7 Arnold Benz Institute for Astronomy, ETH Zurich Impact of High-energy Radiations of YSO on their Protostellar Envelope (Abstract)
12 pm September 30 Charlie Qi CfA CO J=6--5 observation of TW Hya with the SMA (Abstract)
October 7 Jonathan Tan University of Florida Star-Forming Accretion Flows in Giant Elliptical Galaxies and the Galactic Center (Abstract)
October 14 Joao Alves ESO Garching Mapping by starlight: galactic and extra-galactic molecular clouds (Abstract)
October 21 Jessica Rosenberg CfA Arecibo Finds Greener Pastures: The Next Generation Extragalactic HI Surveys (Abstract)
October 28 Naomi McClure-Griffiths CSIRO/ATNF The Galactic HI All-Sky Survey (Abstract)
Thursday November 10 Andrea Leistra Steward Observatory, U. Arizona Embedded Stellar Clusters: Automatic searches, near-IR follow-up, and IMFs (Abstract)
November 18 Massimo Marengo CfA Spitzer View of Epsilon Eridani (Abstract)
December 2 Subu Mohanty CfA Catching Them Young: Formation, Accretion and Disks in Young Brown Dwarfs (Abstract)
December 9 Jes Jorgensen CfA Tracing the Evolution of Low-Mass Protostars - From SCUBA to the SMA and Spitzer (Abstract)
January 6 Eric Keto CfA The formation of Massive stars and the Evolution of Hypercompact HII regions (Abstract)
January 20 James Di Francesco National Research Council - Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, Canada Starless and Prestellar Cores: Internal Physical Properties (Abstract)
January 27 Mike Reid SMA-CfA A Submillimeter Continuum View of Massive Star Formation in NGC 7538 and M17 (Abstract)
Monday February 6 Mareki Honma National Astrophysical Observatory of Japan VERA Project : Current Status and New Results (Abstract)
February 10 Nicolas Peretto U. Manchester, UK Dynamical Aspects of the Earliest Stages of Clustered Star Formation (Abstract)
February 24 Lisa Young New Mexico Tech Molecular Disks in Early-Type Galaxies (Abstract)
March 10 Doug Johnstone National Research Council - Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics -U. Victoria, Canada Constraining the Physical Conditions for Star Formation in Molecular Clouds (Abstract)
April 7 Alexander Scholz U. Toronto Disks and Accretion - The Infancy of Brown Dwarfs (Abstract)
April 14 Shantanu Basu U. Western Ontario From Clouds to Cores to Protostars and Disks: New Insights from Numerical Simulations (Abstract)
10:30 am Monday April 17 Eduard Vorobyov U. Western Ontario Episodic Accretion and Luminosity Bursts in the Early Stages of Star Formation: A New Explanation for the FU Ori Eruptions (Abstract)
Wednesday April 26 Malcolm Gray U. Manchester Detailed Tracing of Population Flow in Astrophysical Masers (Abstract)
April 28 Sean Andrews U. Hawaii A Submillimeter View of Protoplanetary Disks (Abstract)
May 12 Daniel Mitchell CfA Interference Mitigation in Radio Astronomy (Abstract)
May 19 Ylva Pihlstrom U. New Mexico The Long Wavelength Array (LWA) (Abstract)
Monday May 22 Melanie Krips SMA-CfA Tracers of energetic environments in active galaxies: Is HCN better than CO? (Abstract)
Wednesday May 24 Thushara Pillai MPIfR, Bonn The Initial Conditions of High Mass Star Formation (Abstract)
May 26 Cecilia Ceccarelli Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de l'Observatoire de Grenoble H2D+: a light in the darkest regions of the Universe, where all other lights fail (Abstract)
10:30 am July 7 Gerrit Verschuur University of Memphis Plasma Phenomena in Interstellar Space: 1: The Pervasive Presence of a 34 km/s Wide HI Emission Profile. 2: A Relationship Between HI Structure and Continuum Radiation (WMAP ILC data) (Abstract)
Monday July 10 Vinayak Nagpal SMA-CfA An FPGA based phased array processor for the SMA (Masters Thesis Defence) (Abstract)
July 14 Asuncion Fuente Observatorio Astronomico Nacional (OAN), Spain The formation and evolution of intermediate mass stars
August 4 Melvin Hoare University of Leeds, UK Multi-wavelength Galactic Plane Surveys for High Mass Star Formation
August 11 Andrea Isella INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri An interferometric view of protoplanetary disks around Herbig Ae stars (Abstract)
August 18 Jagadheep Pandian Cornell University The Arecibo Methanol Maser Galactic Plane Survey (Abstract)
August 25 Pamela Klassen McMaster University, Canada/CfA Outflow and Accretion in High Mass Star Forming Regions (Abstract)
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