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Fall 2006 - Summer 2007

September 15 Cathy Slesnick Caltech A Wide-field Search for Intermediate-age Pre-Main Sequence Stars near Taurus and Upper Scorpius (Abstract)
September 18
Monday 2 pm
Dan Werthimer University of California, Berkeley SETI@home and Instrumentation for Radio Astronomy Signal Processing (Abstract)
September 22 Di Li JPL Early Phases of Star Formation (Abstract)
September 29 Jonas Zmuidzinas Caltech Cornell Caltech Atacama Telescope (CCAT) (Abstract)
October 20 Sergio Martin SMA-CfA Extragalactic Chemistry from Mm and Submm Observations (Abstract)
Wednesday October 25 Steven Longmore UNSW, Sydney Uncovering the Early Evolutionary Stages of Massive Star Formation (Abstract)
October 27
Phillips Auditorium
Alicia Soderberg Caltech A Large Radio Survey of Stripped-Core Supernovae: Searching for Engine-Driven Explosions (Abstract)
November 3 Henrik Beuther U. Heidelberg, Germany Massive Star Formation Observed at High Spatial Resolution (Abstract)
November 9 Susan Kassin UC Santa Cruz The Formation and Evolution of Disk Galaxies From z~1 to Now: Constraints from New Observations (Abstract)
December 1 Melissa Enoch Caltech Molecular Clouds and Star Formation: A Multi-wavelength Study of Perseus,Serpens, and Ophiuchus (Abstract)
December 8 Jingwen Wu SMA-CfA Using Dense Gas Tracers to Study Massive Star Formation: From Near to Far (Abstract)
January 26 Jonathan Tan U. Florida Turmoil in Orion: The Nearest Massive Protostar Dissecting galaxies with strong gravitational lensing (Abstract)
February 9 Randall Wayth CfA Dissecting galaxies with strong gravitational lensing (Abstract)
March 2 John Bally CASA, U. Colorado SMA Science Discussion
March 23 Fred Adams University of Michigan The Effects of Groups/Clusters on Forming Solar Systems (Abstract)
March 27 Prof. Gregory Gol'tsman Astro Space Center of Lebedev Physical Institute and Moscow State Pedagogical University The "Millimetron" project, a future space telescope mission initiated by Russian Space Agency. (Abstract)
March 30 Jan Forbrich CfA High-energy processes in low-mass protostars - an X-ray to radio multi-wavelength perspective (Abstract)
Monday April 2 Chris Carilli NRAO ALMA (Abstract)
Tuesday April 17 2 pm Mike Liu IfA, Hawaii Extrasolar Planetary Systems at High Angular Resolution (Abstract)
April 27 Alicia Aarnio Vanderbilt Investigating Magnetic Field-Circumstellar Disk Interaction in T Tauri Stars of the Orion Nebula Cluster (Abstract)
May 4 Chris Matzner CITA Stellar feedback, the ends of the IMF, and star cluster formation (Abstract)
June 1 Francesco Fontani Bologna A search for high-mass pre-stellar cores (Abstract)
June 15 Liz Humphreys & Alice Argon CfA Analyzing Inner NGC 4258: Warped, Unstable, and Eccentric? (Abstract)
June 22 Melissa Enoch Caltech Starless cores and deeply embedded protostars with Spitzer and Bolocam: a census of the youngest objects in Perseus, Serpens, and Ophiuchus (Abstract)
June 29 Sofia Randich INAF-Arcetri Age dating young and old stars using light elements (Abstract)
July 13 Jonathan Weintroub CfA VLBI with the SMA: Probing the event horizon of Sgr A* (Abstract)
July 27 Di Li JPL Survey of Dense Cores (Abstract)
August 10 Gerrit Verschuur U. Memphis Associations between Galactic HI and WMAP Small-Scale Structure (Abstract)

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