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Fall 2007 - Summer 2008

August 24 Sandrine Bottinelli Leiden Observatory Pre-biotic molecules in the hot corinos of solar-type protostars (Abstract)
September 28 Prof S. Ananthakrishnan Pune University, India The Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope and Low frequency astronomy (Abstract)
October 5 Andrew Walsh James Cook University Southern Surveys with the Mopra Radiotelescope (Abstract)
October 19 Prof Yaso Fukui Nagoya University Discovery of molecular loops in the Galactic center (Abstract)
October 26 Wei-Hao Wang NRAO Submillimeter Galaxies at High and Low Redshifts (Abstract)
November 2 Frank Briggs Australian National University Hi-Z HI versus ZZ Top: The battle for the bands (Abstract)
November 13 Sukanya Chakrabarti CfA The Photometric Histories of Galaxies - from ULIRGs to Spirals (Abstract)
November 20 Cassandra Fallscheer IMPRS Heidelberg Searching for disks in massive star formation (Abstract)
November 30 Karin Menendez-Delmestre Caltech Digging into High-z Submillimeter Galaxies: a near- and mid-IR view (Abstract)
December 14 Yannick Libert Observatoire de Paris HI in circumstellar envelopes around AGB stars: Observations and modelling (Abstract)
18 January 2008 Tim van Kempen Leiden Observatory The warm and dense gas of embedded low-mass protostars (Abstract)
25 January 2008 Riccardo Cesaroni Arcetri Observatory Disks, toroids, and the formation of high-mass stars (Abstract)
8 February 2008 Dr. Sven van Loo University of Leeds Formation of Dense cores (Abstract)
22 February 2008 Christopher Watts University of New Mexico Heating the Solar Corona: A hot topic in plasma astrophysics (Abstract)
29 February 2008 Mike Dunham UT Austin Identifying the Low Luminosity Population of Embedded Protostars in the c2d Observations of Clouds and Cores (Abstract)
7 March 2008 Sandra Bruenken CfA Where have all the electrons gone? Laboratory and astronomical detection of molecular anions (Abstract)
25 March 2008 Tom Landecker DRAO Radio Polarization as a Tool for Exploring the Milky Way (Abstract)
28 March 2008 Desika Narayanan CfA Molecular Star Formation Rate Indicators in Galaxies (Abstract)
9 May 2008 Will Fischer University of Massachusetts Red Absorption at Helium 10830 as a Probe of CTTS Accretion (Abstract)
23 May 2008 Dr. Eric Keto CfA Models of Starless Cores (Abstract)
30 May 2008 Dr. Susan Terebey CSULA Insights into the VeLLO source L1521F IRS using 160 micron data from the Taurus Spitzer Legacy Survey (Abstract)
13 June 2008 Henrik Beuther MPIA (Heidelberg) Early Phases of Massive Star Formation (Abstract)
20 June 2008 Tom Megeath Univ. Toledo Modes of Star Formation in the Galaxy (Abstract)
23 June 2008 (Monday) Kengo Tachihara National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Near-IR and high-J CO emission from low-mass class 0 objects (Abstract)
3 July 2008 (Thursday) 1PM Larry Morgan NRAO Greenbank Varied Mechanisms for Star Formation in Bright-Rimmed Clouds (Abstract)
18 July 2008 Juan Uson NRAO HI Observations of Superthin Galaxies (Abstract)

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