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Fall 2008 - Summer 2009

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18 July 2008 Juan Uson NRAO HI Observations of Superthin Galaxies (Abstract)
12 August 2008 (Tuesday) Javier Rodon CfA, MPIA (Heidelberg) W3 IRS5: A Trapezium in its making (Abstract)
September 3 (Wednesday) Olja Panić Leiden Observatory The gas and dust spatial distribution in disks around low-mass stars (Abstract)
September 22 (Monday) Doug Johnstone Herzberg Institute and U. Victoria Some thoughts on the next steps toward understanding (low-mass) star formation (Abstract)
September 30 (Tuesday) Jonathan Swift University of Hawaii Observing the Earliest Stages of Cluster Formation (Abstract)
October 3 Katharine Johnston University of St Andrews Embedded intermediate and high-mass stars: the effect of ionization on accretion and outflows (Abstract)
October 10 Jan Forbrich Harvard-Smithsonian CfA New M dwarf debris disk candidates in NGC 2547 (Abstract)
October 17 Gerrit Verschuur University of Memphis Intermediate- and High-Velocity "Clouds" -- A New Look at an Old Problem (Abstract)
October 24 Stefan Kraus MPIfR (Bonn) Studying the structure of YSO disks with infrared & sub-mm interferometry (Abstract)
November 14 Karin Oberg Leiden Observatory The evolution of ices around solar-type protostars (Abstract)
November 25 (Tuesday) Huib Intema Leiden Observatory Ionospheric calibration of low frequency radio interferometric observations using SPAM (Abstract)
December 19 Demerese Salter Leiden Observatory Captured at millimeter wavelengths: a flare from the Classical T Tauri Star DQ Tau (Abstract)
January 12 (Monday, Pratt Conf. room, 12:30pm) Seth Digel Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Early Results from the Fermi Large Area Telescope(Abstract)
January 23 Joana Ascenso CfA An observer's view of massive young clusters (Abstract)
February 13 Gerrit Verschuur University of Memphis Galactic Neutral Hydrogen Structure and the Microwave Background: An Update (Abstract)
March 6 Joseph Carson (MPIA, Heidelberg) A Spitzer IRAC Substellar Companion Search Around 88 MLT Dwarfs: Observational Results and Monte Carlo Population Analyses(Abstract)
March 11 (Wednesday) Daisuke Iono, Yoichi Tamura and Bunyo Hatsukade NAOJ Upgrades of the Nobeyama 45m Telescope, Submillimeter galaxies in a high-redshift proto-cluster, AzTEC/ASTE 1.1-mm survey of AKARI Deep Field South
March 13 O. Ivy Wong Yale Star formation & galaxy evolution in the Local Universe (Abstract)
April 3 (Pratt) Peter Barnes University of Florida Large-Scale Surveys of Star Formation (and other adventures in mm astronomy Down Under)(Abstract)
April 27 (Monday) Sheng-Cai Shi Purple Mt. Observatory Site Testing for THz Observations at Dome A in Antarctic and Other Developments (Abstract)
May 1 (Cancelled) F. Peter Schloerb FCRAO, University of Massachusetts The Large Millimeter Telescope (Abstract))
May 8 (Joint OIR/RG Lunch Talk, at Phillips, 12:00pm) Joaquin Viera (University of Chicago) Submillimeter Galaxies, Quasars, and AGNs in the South Pole Telescope Survey(Abstract)
May 18 (Monday, Pratt Conf. room) Alexander Lazarian University of Wisconsin Quantitative Theory of Grain Alignment and its Implications (Abstract))
June 4 (Thursday) Leo Blitz University of California, Berkeley Molecular Feedback from the Mysterious Galaxy NGC 1266 (Abstract))
June 19 F. Peter Schloerb FCRAO, University of Massachusetts The Large Millimeter Telescope (Abstract))
June 26 Marc Kuchner NASA GSFC Reading the Signatures of Exoplanets in Debris Disks: Collisional Grooming (Abstract)
August 5 Ana Cabral (TBD)

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