Radio and Geoastronomy (RG) Lunch Talks
 Fridays -- 12:30pm -- 160 Concord, Room 340 (unless otherwise noted)

Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

11 September 2009 2pm PHILIPS Ram Rao ASIAA (Hilo) Conducting polarimetry observations with the SMA: target selection,observing strategy, and data reduction (Abstract)
25 September 2009 CANCELLED Sergio Martin Ruiz CfA TBC
Wed 30 September 2009 PHILIPS Jean-Charles Cuillandre CFHT (Hilo) Hawaiian Starlight: sharing the beauty of the Hawaiian skies(Abstract)
2 October 2009 Helen Kirk CfA (formerly U.Vic.) The Relationship between Dense Cores and Their Environment in the Star-Forming Perseus Molecular Cloud (Abstract)
9 October 2009 Aeree Chung CfA Virgo, a Laboratory for Studying Environmentally Driven Galaxy Evolution (Abstract)
Thur 15 October 2009 15:30 Wei-Hao Wang ASIAA Studying Typical Members in the Submillimeter Galaxy Population (Abstract)
23 October 2009 Michel Guelin IRAM Molecular content and isotopic composition of the gas at intermediate and high redshifts: a key to the evolution of galaxies (Abstract).
Tues 27 October 2009 11:00 Rasmus Voss Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics Impact of massive stars on the surrounding medium (Abstract)
30 October 2009 Laura Chomiuk University of Wisconsin - Madison A Universal Luminosity Function for Radio Supernova Remnants (Abstract)
Wed 4 November 2009 Desika Narayanan CfA The Infrared Zoo at z~2: Connecting High Redshift Galaxy Populations (Abstract)
6 November 2009 Mark Reid CfA Measuring the Cosmos (Abstract)
13 November 2009 Charlie Lada CfA The California Molecular Cloud (Abstract)
20 November 2009 Catherine Espaillat CfA (formerly U.Mich) The Evolution of Dusty Disks Around Low-Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars(Abstract)
Mon 23 November 2009 Luis Zapata MPIFR Explosive Disintegration of a Massive Young Stellar System in Orion (Abstract)
Joint OIR/RG Talk: Wed 2 December 2009 3-4pm, PRATT Shane Bussmann University of Arizona The Nature of Dust-Obscured Galaxies at z~2 (Abstract)
11 December 2009 Keping Qiu CfA Massive Molecular Outflows Seen at High-Angular-Resolution (Abstract)
8 January 2010 Chris Beaumont University of Hawaii Interstellar Bubbles or Rings? The shape of star-forming clouds (Abstract)
Wed 20 January 2010 12:30-13:30 Simon Ellingsen University of Tasmania When do you think it will it all become clear?: Tracing the evolution of high-mass star formation regions with masers (Abstract).
29 January 2010 Ruud Visser Leiden Chemical Evolution from pre-stellar cores to circumstellar disks (Abstract)
5 February 2010 Gianni Bernardi CfA Characterizing foregrounds for observation of the redshifted 21 cm line (Abstract).
12 February 2010 Hugh Wheelwright University of Leeds Disks and Binaries: studying intermediate and massive star formation at small angular scales.(Abstract).
19 February 2010 Jonathan Weintroub CfA Event-horizon Scale Detections of Super Massive Black Holes using 1.3 mm VLBI(Abstract).
12 March 2010 Thomas Robitaille CfA A Spitzer Space Telescope view of star formation in the Milky Way (Abstract).
19 March 2010 Ciriaco Goddi ESO Massive star formation and dynamical history in Orion BN/KL (Abstract).
16 April 2010 Eli Bressert Exeter University Do All Stars in the Solar Neighborhood Form in Clusters? (Abstract).
Mon 3 May 2010 4pm Alycia Weinberger Carnegie Institution of Washington Nearby Circumstellar Disks: their compositions and the stars that host them (Abstract)
12 May 2010 11am Lynn Carlson The Johns Hopkins University A Panchromatic View of Star-Forming Regions in the Magellanic Clouds: Characterizing Physical and Evolutionary Parameters of Thousands of Young Stellar Objects (Abstract)
14 May 2010 Alyssa Goodman CfA Seamless Astronomy & The WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors Program (Abstract)
Tue 18 May 2010 1:30pm-5:00pm Afternoon on Preparation for Herschel CfA TBD
21 May 2010 Pamela Klaassen ESO Gas Dynamics in Massive Star Forming Regions (Abstract)
Mon 24 May 2010 Joan Najita NOAO New Views on Gas in the Planet Formation Region of Disks (Abstract)
1pm 11 June 2010 Jon Marcaide University of Valencia SN1993J: A (Radio) Lifetime (Abstract)
18 June 2010 Paula Teixeira ESO Spitzer's view of NGC2264's circumstellar disk population (Abstract)
2 July 2010 Ayesha Begum University of Wisconsin-Madison Compact HI clouds from GALFA-HI survey (Abstract)
16 July 2010 CANCELLED Brooks Pate University of Virginia TBC
30 July 2010 PRATT LECTURE ROOM Tom Allen University of Toledo Spitzer Imaging of the Nearby Rich Young Cluster, Cep OB3b (Abstract)

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Steven Longmore (slongmore) or Tim van Kempen (tvankempen)

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