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Fall 2010 - Spring 2011

17 September 2010 Charlie Qi CfA Interferometric Imaging of the Outburst of Comet 17P/Holmes with the Submillimter Array
24 September 2010 Zhaohuan Zhu University of Michigan Confronting FU Orionis outbursts and Pre/transitional disks: protostellar/protoplanetary disk structure and evolution
1 October 2010 John Tobin University of Michigan Morphological Complexity Protostellar Envelopes: Structure and Kinematics
8 October 2010 Susanna Finn Boston University The Filamentary Nature of Infrared Dark Clouds and Their Distribution in the Galaxy
15 October 2010 Charlie Lada CfA Star Formation Rates in Molecular Clouds
Tue 19 October 2010 Jose-Maria Torrelles CSIC-UB, Barcelona A wide-angle outflow with the simultaneous presence of a high-velocity jet in the high-mass protostar Cepheus-A HW2
22 October 2010 Meredith Hughes UC Berkeley Millimeter-Wavelength Observations of Circumstellar Disks, and What They Can Tell Us about Planets
Wed 27 October 2010 Luca Ricci ESO Investigating dust grain growth from (sub-)millimeter observations of protoplanetary disks
29 October 2010 Laura Lopez UC Santa Cruz A Multiwavelength Study of Stellar Feedback in 30 Doradus
Wed 3 November 2010 Til Birnstiel MPIA Heidelberg Dust growth in protoplanetary disks: theoretical predictions and observational tests
5 November 2010 Michel Guelin IRAM From PdBI to NOEMA: growing up with ALMA
Tue 9 November 2010 Carlos De Brueck ESO Stars, dust and feedback in high redshift radio galaxies
19 November 2010 Andrew Youdin CfA Forming Planetesimals in Solar and Extrasolar Nebulae
3 December 2010 Izaskun Jimenez-Serra CfA Chemistry in the ISM: Understanding the physical processes in star forming regions
Tue 7 December 2010 Andras Zsom MPIA Heidelberg The outcome of protoplanetary dust growth: pebbles, boulders or planetesimals?

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