Running CASA on the R&G or CF Computers

There are nine versions of CASA on the R&G public computers:
CASA version Executable in /usr/local/bin                Variable name
3.0.0 casapy-30.0.9860-001-64b             casapy30  
3.1.0 casapy-31.0.13530-002-64b           casapy31  
3.3.0 casapy-33.0.16856-002-64b           casapy33  
3.4.0 casapy-34.0.19988-002-64b           casapy34  
4.0.1 casapy-40.1.22889-003-64b           casapy40.1
4.1.0  casapy-stable-41.0.22971-001-64b casapy41  
4.2.0 casapy-42.0.28322-021-1-64b       casapy42  
4.2.1 casapy-42.1.29047-001-1-64b       casapy42.1
4.2.2 casapy-42.2.30986-1-64b             casapy42.2

To run version 4.2.0 on RTDC7, type:
  1. ssh -X rtdc7
  2. /usr/local/bin/casapy-42.0.28322-021-1-64b/casapy
  3. (or "casapy42")
Note: Casapy is updated weekly via rsync, but it may be best to use final releases (i.e., not 4.2.1 or 4.2.2, which are "patches" for 4.2.0).

Additionally, there are three versions of CASA on the CF managed linux computers:
CASA version Executable in /sma/ALMA               
3.4.0 casa-34/casapy            
4.1.0 casa-41/casapy            
4.2.0 casa-42/casapy            

To run version 4.1.0 on cfa0, type:
  1. ssh -X (if not on CF managed machine)
  2. ssh -Y cfa0
  3. /sma/ALMA/casa-41/casapy

Users will soon be able to run their time or cpu intensive jobs using:
parallelized CASA on SAO's HYDRA cluster.