Processing SMA Data
1.2 m Telescopes

RTDC Computers

We provide and maintain 6 Linux 64 bit workstations for use by R&G staff and visitors, and support the software packages AIPS, MIR, MIRIAD and CASA. Ask or your R&G contact for an account.

These machines can be found in room M-342 on the 3rd floor of 160 Concord Ave.

See the current status of these machines here (updated every 15 minutes).

MACHINE CPU (GHz) RAM (GB) Disk Size (TB) Linux Dist.
RTDC7 16 x 3.5 48 13 Red Hat 6.9
RTDC8* 6 x 3.5 132 52 Red Hat 6.9
  ⤷ rtdc8vm 10 x 3.5 116 - Red Hat 6.9
RTDC9 16 x 3.5 132 64 Red Hat 6.8
RGLINUX10 12 x 2.4 24 3.5 CentOS 5.11
RGLINUX12 20 x 2.9 48 15 Red Hat 6.8
  ⤷ rglinux12vm 4 x 2.9 48 - Red Hat 6.9
RGLINUX13 24 x 2.9 48 22 CentOS 6.8
* Server for /home & /opt
Virtual machine host
Virtual machine

Summary of the disk names and mount points.
Which machine should I use?
CF reduction machines. There are also reduction machines available in Hilo for SMA users.
Utilization plots.

RGLINUX11 repurposed for AWS
Following disk failures, and given its sub-optimal performance specs, RGLINX11 has been repurposed as a gateway machine for an AWS (Amazon Web Services) storage area. Over the next few months we will be testing the use of AWS as a repository for archival SMA data and long term storage for user data.

Virtual machines
Our VMs, rtdc8vm and rglinux12vm, pull their software from Hilo, whilst the home directories are RTDC. This gives users the option to use Hilo installations while being able to process data locally. RGLINUX12 is still available for use although it shares memory with rglinux12vm. Note that as these VMs have no physical disks, reduction areas must be mounted from other computers, and it is possible to mount the reduction area from your home directory in Hilo (SMA users only).


There are four communal printers on the 3rd floor of 160 Concord Ave which are available from the RTDC computers.

NameType Location
lp342black & white Hall outside M-342
psc342 color Hall outside M-342
lp339 black & white M-339
psc339 color M-339