Searching and Requesting Data: Instructions

Data Search

You must fill in one of the following fields in the query form:
  1. "Source1" and/or "Source2". See notes below for details.
  2. "RA", "Dec", and "Search Radius".

You may fill in one or more of the following fields to narrow your search:
  1. "Date Range (yymmdd-yymmdd)". Default is all dates.
  2. "Minimum Integration Time (minutes)". Useful for weeding out short observations.
  3. "Band (GHz)", i.e., LO frequency. Default is "Any"; other possibilites are "186-242", "271.5-349.5", "600-696".
  4. "PI (Last name only)", i.e., Principal Investigator. Substrings are acceptable.

Notes on selecting sources with "Source1" and/or "Source2":
  1. To search for one source: Enter the source in either box and ignore "And/Or" switch.
  2. To search for two sources: Enter one source in "Source1"and the other in "Source2" and select the appropriate value of the "And/Or" switch. The "Or" selection will show all occurrences of either source and the "And" selection will show only those tracks containing both sources.
  3. Substrings are acceptable.
  4. Source boxes are not case sensitive.
  5. "all_sources" in either box will bring up everything.

Data Download

To download raw 'wsb60' data from the data directory, '050515_05:15:25':
  1. Set Source1 = 'wsb' and Date Range = '050515-050515' on the query form, then
    click on Search.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass icon on the 'wsb60' line.
  3. Click on '050515_05:15:25' under 'Download Available Data'.
  4. Click on 'RAW'.
  5. Click on '050515_051525.tar.gz'
  6. Click on 'OK'.

Note: Proprietary data is not available for direct download. Please submit request via the query form.

Conduct Search and Download Data: Query Form