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The Center for Astrophysics is committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace for all employees and visitors. Accomplishing this goal requires the participation and cooperation of everyone associated with the CfA: employees, fellows, students, volunteers and even visitors. CfA Safety Office is committed to assisting the Director, Associate Directors, Department Managers, principal investigators, managers, supervisors, and all other staff in maintaining a safe working environment. The CfA Safety Policy may be viewed here.

The safety program at the Center for Astrophysics (CfA) is managed by the CfA Health and Safety Officer, Greg Brady (5-7478, MS-05, email:, who reports to the Director of Central Engineering, Jim Shaw. The CfA Health and Safety Officer is available for safety information, advice, and training. The CfA Laboratory Safety Manual, now available on the web, has been distributed in hard copy to all laboratories and contains specific information about the CfA lab safety program. For information about The Smithsonian Institution's policy on workplace safety as defined by Smithsonian Directive 419 (SD 419), refer to the Smithsonian Institution Safety Manual.

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