Indoor Air Quality

What can YOU do to help ensure high indoor air quality for you and your neighbors?

  1. Keep your windows closed. This may seem counter intuitive, but filters in the air intakes remove particulates. Open windows, on the other hand, serve as pathways for outdoor allergens and other pollutants in the outside air. Also, the temperature control system in the building is not designed to provide adequate heating or cooling when the windows are open.

  2. If at all possible, arrange your furniture so that it does not block air vents in your office or work area. Proper air circulation in the room depends upon unobstructed vents.

  3. Keep horizontal surfaces in your work area clean and avoid clutter that makes cleaning difficult.

These simple steps, along with others taken by Building Management, will help ensure high air quality for you and your neighbors. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions regarding these recommended steps, please contact Karen Lawley, CfA Safety Officer, at 5-7478.


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