CfA Safety: Principal Investigator's Responsibilities
 Laboratory Safety Procedures

It is the responsibility of the P.I. to ensure that all laboratory personnel have had adequate training in the safety and use of laboratory equipment. It is difficult to define what "adequate training" constitutes. We recommend that the PI (or his/her designate) develop procedures for routine tasks and that appropriate personnel be trained to follow these procedures. We recommend that all new laboratory personnel be trained in the use of specific equipment.

It should be noted that specific training is required by OSHA in labs where there are hazardous chemicals or radioisotopes. Such training is available from the CfA Safety Office and the Harvard Radiation Safety Office, respectively, and all personnel in labs containing these substances should be trained through those offices. (Call the CfA Safety Office for more information, 5-7478)

We recommend that "what if" scenarios be developed and discussed with laboratory personnel. Think of worst-case accidents that could happen in your lab and develop procedures for handling these accidents (e.g. chemical spills, fire, medical emergency, etc.) For help or questions, call the Safety Office, 5-7478).


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