CfA Safety: Laboratory Safety Procedures
 Hazardous Chemical Spill Control

ALWAYS check the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's) before you work with hazardous substances to make sure you know the properties of the chemicals you are working with, what precautions to take, and what the MSDS's suggest in case of exposure or spill. MSDS's are also available through the Safety Office, MS17, 5-7478).

For small amounts of relatively low-toxic material (say, 5 ml. of HCL), clean it up yourself IF:

  1. You are sure of what you have
  2. You are sure you know how to clean it up safely
  3. You have and use the requisite protective equipment

For more dangerous spills:

  1. Clear the area
  2. Close the door
  3. Call one of the phone numbers listed below

Remain available to answer questions about the spilled substances, their properties, quantities, etc. and to aid in the clean up.

If there are ANY questions, call Karen Lawley in the Safety Office, 5-7478 or Environmental Health and Safety, 5-2060.
After regular hours call the Control Center, 5-5560.


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