CfA Safety: Laboratory Safety Procedures
 Emergency Evacuation Procedures

The Evacuation Alarm may be sounded for a number of reasons - fire, toxic or flammable gas or some other emergency. It is therefore imperative that all personnel cooperate and respond to each alarm.

All alarms will be treated as real or, if accidentally set off, carried out as a drill. In the event of an emergency evacuation alarm, all personnel, unless otherwise assigned, should do the following:

  • During normal working hours (Monday through Friday, 8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.), in the event of an alarm in any building, all personnel are instructed to evacuate the building immediately

  • Leave by the nearest exit; if the primary exit is blocked, proceed to an alternate exit. Assemble in your assigned assembly areas

  • Wardens in the assembly area will check their rosters and report missing persons immediately to the Emergency Coordinator or the Cambridge Fire Chief (identified by a white hat)

  • Personnel located in buildings not involved with the emergency may return to offices or work areas after the personnel count has been completed

  • Personnel located in the affected building may not re-enter until the Fire Chief or building management gives the all clear

  • During off-hours, weekends, or holidays, leave the building in the event of an alarm IN ANY ZONE and report to the assembly area outside the shipping room door and wait for the Fire Department

  • Do not use elevators during evacuation

  • All buildings will be evacuated

  • Those persons not in their own area should go to their assembly area via an outside route for a personnel count. The warden will make a personnel count shortly after the alarm has sounded


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