CfA Safety: Other Principal Investigator Responsibilities
 Legal Responsibilities

PI's/lab supervisors are legally responsible for ensuring training and maintaining a safe work environment; they are therefore responsible for ensuring the availability and maintenance (where appropriate) of lab safety equipment such as eye washes (tested at least every 6 months, with inspection tags noting the dates of inspections), emergency showers, fire extinguishers, safety glasses, chemical spill kits, lab coats, and protective gloves.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Any lab containing hazardous chemicals is required by OSHA to keep a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each hazardous chemical in the lab and to make these MSDSs available to lab personnel whenever they are working in the lab. MSDSs may be obtained by sending a list of chemicals/gases to the Safety Office (MS17).

Floor Plans and Hazard Locations

A laboratory floor plan should be attached to the entral of the laboratory. The purpose of the floor plan is to aid emergency response personnel to locate themselves in reference to laboratory hazards. The floor plan should indicate the location and amounts of hazardous chemicals, compressed gases, radioactive materials, electrical circuit breakers, and high voltage sources. The floor plan should also contain a list of contact personnel and phone numbers. At 60 Garden Street, a copy of the current floor plan, contact personnel and list of hazardous materials should be prepared for the Harvard administrative office (MS43).

Laboratory Hazards List

A list of all chemicals and gases used in the laboratory should be provided to the CfA Safety Office (MS17).

Accident Reporting Procedures

Accident report forms can be obtained by contacting the Harvard Administrative Office (5-2907) or the CfA Safety Office (5-7478). Please note that all accidents, including potential over-exposures to hazardous chemicals, must be reported by filing Accident Report forms (refering to instructions). Return completed forms to the CfA Safety Office (MS17).


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