CfA Safety: Employee Responsibilities
 Each employee shall:
  • Comply with the occupational safety and health standards, rules, and regulations, that apply to their own actions and conduct;
  • Use safety equipment, personal protective equipment, and other devices and procedures as directed for their protection;
  • Have the responsibility to report unsafe and unhealthful conditions to their supervisor and the right to report such conditions to the CfA Safety Office;
  • Be authorized official time to participate in the activities provided for the CfA Safety and Health program;
  • Be responsible for knowing the hazards of the materials she/he works with and shall handle them in a safe manner as specified in Chemical Hygiene Responsibilities;
  • Report for all required medical evaluations and/or surveillance as required for the use of respirators, lasers (Class IIIa and higher).

Note: Medical consultation or examination is available through the Harvard University Health Services (Holyoke Center) for any personnel who think they may have been over-exposed to a hazardous chemical.


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