CfA Safety: Safety Glasses


To furnish information on procedures to be followed to obtain safety glasses.


  • Safety glasses are required in certain areas and/or jobs due to the potential for eye injury. If it is determined by the supervisor that potential eye injury can exist in an area, eye protection must be supplied by the employer and worn by the employee.
  • Prescription safety glasses are provided to those persons who must wear corrective lenses and are potentially exposed to eye injury. To receive prescription safety glasses:
    • S.I. personnel must fill out form S.I. 480 (available from the Safety Office). This form must be signed by the supervisor and the Safety Officer. An appointment may then be made with the Harvard University Health Services. (or other qualified vendor). The completed form must be taken to the appointment and must be signed by the Optician. The yellow copy of the completed form must then be sent to the Safety Office.
    • Harvard personnel should call the Safety Office (5-7478).

  • All personnel requesting prescription safety glasses must have a current prescription for corrective eye wear.
  • Safety glasses will be paid for by the individual's department or division.
  • Non-prescription safety glasses can be obtained in the Harvard Chemistry Stockroom. for more information, contact the Safety Office.

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