CfA Safety: Safety Shoes

The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and Harvard University provide safety shoes for personnel whose work requires them to wear safety shoes at least 10% of their regular working day or who are frequently exposed to foot hazards. A ceiling allowance is designated every year. Call the Safety Office for information about the current allowance. If anyone wants a style which is more expensive than the allowance, they must make up the difference.

  • Supervisors must survey all of their operations to determine the foot hazards associated with each person's job. Supervisors shall consider whether:
    • the person handles heavy objects,
    • other personnel have suffered foot injuries working in the same area or on the same job.

  • Safety shoes must be provided where appropriate regardless of status (employee, student) or length of employment (summer employment, part-time or full employment).
  • The Safety Office arranges for a yearly visit by a Shoe Mobile. Anyone requiring safety shoes must fill out a requisition, have their supervisor sign it, and bring it with them to the Shoe Mobile.
  • Notices about the date (usually in June), time, and place the Shoe Mobile will be at the CfA are posted on bulletin boards and published in the S.I. weekly newspaper well in advance. Information about shoe styles are also posted.
  • Anyone who needs to purchase safety shoes when the Shoe Mobile is not available must contact the Safety Office for information.

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