CfA Safety: Laboratory Safety Manual

Compiled by the Harvard-Smithsonian
Laboratory Safety Committee

Those with questions or requiring assistance should contact Karen Lawley (MS-17; phone: 5-7478; email:  at the Safety Office


Scope of the Laboratory Safety Committee

Principal Investigator's Responsibilities

OSHA Supervisor Training for Federal Employees

Supervisor Training Overview

Executive Order 12196

Occupational Safety & Health Protection Poster

Laboratory Safety Procedures

Hazardous Chemical Spill Control

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Emergency Assembly Locations and Emergency Coordinators

Emergency Assembly Area Map for CDP

Emergency Wardens

Other Principal Investigator Responsibilities

Employee Responsibilities


Material Safety Data Sheets

Reporting Procedures

Laboratory Safety Training

Laboratory Safety Inspection Program

Lab Safety Inspection Checklist

Safety Recommendations

Flammable Liquids

Compressed Gases

Cryogenic Liquids

Electrical Standards

Safety Glasses

Safety Shoes

Respiration Protection

Chemical Storage

Disposal Procedures

Working Alone

Lockout/Tagout Program

CfA Lockout/Tagout Program

Chemical Hygiene Plan

CfA Chemical Hygiene Plan Responsibilities

List of Chemical Hygiene Officers

Emergency Response Numbers


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