The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), NASA, and the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) are collaborating on the "Capture the Colorful Cosmos" astrophotography project. This program has given members of the public online access to the CfA’s MicroObservatory robotic telescopes, to take and colorize their own images of stars and galaxies the same way that professional astronomers do. More than 100 educators participated in online training workshops. Approximately two dozen museums, nature centers, libraries, and other informal education organizations ran public workshops in their communities that resulted in exhibitions of original visitor-created astrophotography displays. These images and displays have been seen by thousands of visitors across the country.

Capture the Colorful Cosmos continues beyond the International Year of Astronomy!


OVERVIEW: Informal Educators

Although the official project has drawn to a close, museums, science centers, planetariums, libraries, and nature centers are still using MicroObservatory with their visitors! Join the "Capture the Colorful Cosomos" course area on ASTC Connect to explore resources for incorporating online telescopes into your programs.

Click here to see the archived project information, view featured images, or watch a slide show of exhibits and programs from participating institutions.


OVERVIEW: Students, Teachers, Individuals, and Families

Students, teachers, individuals and families can continue to Capture the Colorful Cosmos during the International Year of Astronomy and beyond. Visit the Observing With NASA portal to access an online network of robotic telescopes that you can control over the Internet from your own computer. Take an image tonight and get it in your email inbox tomorrow. Then, process your image just like a professional astronomer and create your own astrophotography display to share with friends and family!

Click here for more information or visit the "Capture the Colorful Cosmos" Flickr pool to see the images created by others.



Website last updated: June 22, 2009