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The Universe Forum's role as part of NASA's Education Support Network concluded in September, 2009. Please visit NASA at http://nasascience.nasa.gov/ for current information about NASA's science, education, and public outreach activities.

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The universe is filled with galaxies.

Here is the view 2 billion light-years from Earth - about a thousand times further than our neighboring galaxy, Andromeda. All but two objects in this image are galaxies, each of which contains billions of stars. Which is more amazing, the immensity of the universe - or our ability to capture and marvel at such a glorious view?

Top: The cluster of galaxies, Abell 1689, lies 2 billion light-years from Earth in the constellation Virgo. Left: Lying 800 million light-years from Earth, this cluster of galaxies is engulfed by an enormous cloud of gas revealed here by a telescope that detects x-rays (colorized blue so we can see it). Giant clouds like this are among the largest structures in the universe - and they're just the tip of an unseen iceberg. Even more matter, believed to be invisible to all telescopes, has been detected through its gravitational tug on surrounding galaxies. The nature of this dark matter is one of the great mysteries of the universe.

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