Current Night Sky: May 2015

The Moon & Planets: 
Evening Planets (after sunset): 
  • Mercury, NW
  • Venus, W
  • Jupiter, SW
  • Saturn, SE
Morning Planets (before sunrise): 
  • Saturn, SW
  • Neptune, SE
  • Uranus, E

Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) crosses from Cassiopeia into Cepheus, but is rapidly fading; after the first week of May it should dip below 8th magnitude. There are no other comets brighter than magnitude 8.


The Eta Aquarid meteors peak on the morning hours of May 6; these are remnants of a debris stream left by Halley's Comet on a prior passage. Unfortunately, this year the light from the waning gibbous Moon will drown out the fainter meteors; you may expect to see about 10 per hour at best.

Phases of the Moon: 
Full Moon May 3 11:42 am EDT
Last Quarter Moon May 11 6:36 am EDT
New Moon May 18 12:13 am EDT
First Quarter Moon May 25 1:19 pm EDT

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