Current Night Sky: April 2020

The Moon & Planets: 
Venus passes through the Pleiades
Comet C/2019 Y4
Evening Planets (after sunset): 
  • Uranus, W
  • Venus, W
Morning Planets (before sunrise): 
  • Jupiter, SE
  • Saturn, SE
  • Mars, SE
  • Neptune, E
  • Mercury, E

There is a newly discovered comet – ATLAS (C/2019 Y4) – which may brighten to naked-eye visibility. It will be visible during April high up near the North Celestial Pole and Polaris. While the orbits of comets are predictable, their brightness is much less so; this comet may fizzle out, or become a memorable sight in the spring sky.


The Lyrid meteors peak on April 22.

Phases of the Moon: 
First Quarter Moon April 1 6:21 am EDT
Full Moon April 7 10:35 pm EDT
Last Quarter Moon April 14 6:56 pm EDT
New Moon April 22 10:26 pm EDT
First Quarter Moon April 30 4:38 pm EDT

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