Current Night Sky: June 2018

The June solstice occurs on June 21, at 6:07 am EDT, as the Sun reaches its northernmost declination on the celestial sphere; by convention, this is considered the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and of winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Moon & Planets: 
Beehive Cluster
Evening Planets (after sunset): 
  • Mercury, NW
  • Venus, W
  • Jupiter, S
  • Saturn, SE
Morning Planets (before sunrise): 
  • Saturn, SW
  • Mars, S
  • Neptune, SE
  • Uranus, E

There are no comets brighter than magnitude 8 visible this month.


There are no significant meteor showers in June.

Phases of the Moon: 
Last Quarter Moon June 6 2:32 pm EDT
New Moon June 13 3:43 pm EDT
First Quarter Moon June 20 6:51 am EDT
Full Moon June 28 12:53 am EDT

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