The Submillimeter Array

Science Publications: 2019

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  1. Carmen Juarez, Hauyu-Baobab Liu, Josep M. Girart, Aina Palau, Gemma Busquet, Roberto Galvan-Madrid, Naomi Hirano, Yuxin Lin, Extreme fragmentation and complex kinematics at the center of the L1287 cloud, 2019, accepted to A&A, 621, 140 (ADS | astro-ph/1811.08517)

  2. Matthew Willson, Stefan Kraus, Jacques Kluska, John D. Monnier, Michel Cure, Mike Sitko, Alicia Aarnio, Michael J. Ireland, Aaron Rizzuto, Edward Hone, Alexander Kreplin, Sean Andrews, Nuria Calvet, Catherine Espaillat, Misato Fukagawa, Tim J. Harries, Sasha Hinkley, Samer Kanaan, Takayuki Muto, David J. Wilner, Imaging the disc rim and a moving close-in companion candidate in the pre-transitional disc of V1247 Orionis, 2019, A&A, 621, A7 (ADS | astro-ph/1810.08226)

  3. Ma. T. Orozco-Aguilera, Antonio Hernández-Gomez, Luis A. Zapata, SMA line observations of the CH3OH-maser outflow in DR21(OH), 2019, accepted to ApJ, 157, 20 (ADS | astro-ph/1811.01880)

  4. Anna Y. Q. Ho, E. Sterl Phinney, Vikram Ravi, S. R. Kulkarni, Glen Petitpas, Bjorn Emonts, Varun Bhalerao, Ray Blundell, S. Bradley Cenko, Dougal Dobie, Ryan Howie, Nikita Kamraj, Mansi M. Kasliwal, Tara Murphy, Daniel A. Perley, T. K. Sridharan, Ilsang Yoon, AT2018cow: a luminous millimeter transient, 2019, accepted to ApJ, 871, 73 (ADS | astro-ph/1810.10880)

  5. A.J. Tetarenko, G.R. Sivakoff, J.C.A. Miller-Jones, M. Bremer, K.P. Mooley, R.P. Fender, C. Rumsey, A. Bahramian, D. Altamirano, S. Heinz, D. Maitra, S.B. Markoff, S. Migliari, M.P. Rupen, D.M. Russell, T.D. Russell, C.L. Sarazin, Tracking the variable jets of V404 Cygni during its 2015 outburst, 2019, MNRAS, 482, 2950 (ADS | astro-ph/1810.05709)