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159 Analysis of Tests Conducted on SMA Bus Tubes from Antenna 3 George Nystrom pdf
158 Analysis of Tests Conducted on SMA Bus Tubes From Antenna 1 George Nystrom pdf
157 Testing of NYTEX Tubes from Antenna 1 and Spare Tube Inventory George Nystrom pdf
156 Status of the SMA Polarimetry System D.P. Marrone & R. Rao pdf
155 Performance of the SMA During Observations of BR1202-0725 Eric Keto pdf
154 Total Power Atmospheric Phase Correction at the SMA James Battat pdf
153 Transporter Design Study Report Revised 11/06/07 George Nystrom pdf
152 The am Atmospheric Model Revised 03/03/2014 Scott Paine pdf
151 Testing of NYTEX Tubes from Antenna 3 and Spare Tube Inventory George Nystrom pdf
150 Elevation Drive Screw Bearing and Lubrication Analysis George Nystrom pdf
149 Optimal Smoothing Algorithm for Water Vapor Monitor Data Martina C. Wiedner pdf
148 Noise Characterization and Allan Variances of Water Vapor Monitors Martina C. Wiedner pdf
147 Holographic surface Quality Measurements of The SubMillimeter Array Antennas T.K. Sridharan,
M. Saito, N.A. Patel
146 SMA- Antenna transporter drive system test, evaluation and analysis George Nystrom pdf
145 Testing Of NYTEX Tubes From Antenna 1 After 3 Years George Nystrom pdf
144 Sun Hazards and Solar Observing with The SMA Scott Paine pdf
143 Design and Performance of a Digital PLL for Gunn Oscillators Todd R. Hunter pdf Revised:09/03
142 Requirements for Initial SMA Science Observations David Wilner, Mark Gurwell, Paul Ho   pdf
141 Using Reflective Memory Charlie Katz  pdf
140 Commanding the Digital Servo Control Board with the Palm Pilot Todd R. Hunter pdf
139 Point Control Software for the SMA Antennas Nimesh Patel pdf
138 The SMA On-Line Data Archive and Storage System Zhao et al pdf
137 SMA Backup Structure Loads for Rotational Accelerations William N. Davis html
136 Connecting the CSO and JCMT to the SMA Martina C. Wiedner pdf
135 Librdsmafits.a: a C Library for Reading SMA FITS tables T Tsutsumi and JH Zhao html
134 Shifted m-sequences for Phase Switching  Eric Keto pdf
133 Useful Information on Servicing National Instruments ''slot-zero'' i386 VXI Controllers running LynxOS 2.4.0  Todd R. Hunter html
132 Design and Initial Implementation of Diagnostic & Error Reporting System Qizhou Zhang pdf
131 SMA Synthesized Beam Characteristics David Wilner pdf
130 Dynamic Effects of Elevation Counterweights William N. Davis html
129 Polarimetry with the SMA: Workshop Summary David Wilner pdf
128 SMA Antenna Six Point Tie-Down Evaluation William N. Davis html
127 Lunar and Planetary Fluxes at 230 GHz: Models for the Haystack 15-m Baseline Mark A. Gurwell pdf
126 SMA Interferometry Data Transfer and Storage Jun-Hui Zhao pdf
125 What is the Expected Sensitivity of the SMA? Wilner pdf
124 Reference frame Corrections due to Polar Motion Patel pdf
123 Estimates of Haystack Opacity at 225GHz Gurwell pdf
122 Temperature Measurements in the Mauna Kea Fiber Optic Conduits Silverberg html
121 Some Thoughts on The SGH Test Data on NYTEX Tubes  Moran pdf
120 SGH Test Program Results on NYTEX Tubes
Additional Test Results
Antebi pdf
120 Images Referenced in Memo 120 Antebi html
120 Appendix to MEMO 120 Antebi pdf
119 SMA Backup Structure Tube Loads William N. Davis html
118 Clarification on Reynolds Number and the Correlator Thermal Design Ken McCracken pdf
117 4X4 Mueller Matrix relating Stokes Correlator Outputs..and Config E. Tsiang pdf 
116 Holis Xiaolei Zhang  pdf
115 A Sampling of the Weather Data Eric Silverberg HTML
114 SMA Azimuth Bearing G. Nystrom, T. Hoffman pdf
113 Baselines to JNLT and Keck Eric Keto HTML
112 Basic Correlator Configurations Eric Keto HTML
111 Preliminary Digital Correlator Thermal Analysis Ken McCracken HTML
110 Thermal Resistance Testing of VLSI Corr Chip Ken McCracken HTML
107 Design of CFRP Bonded Joints For TPI Tubes Bruckman HTML
106 SMA Servo Model in MATLAB Jun-Hui Zhao pdf
105 Test Results for Mount 3 & 4 Bearing Bruckman HTML
104 Performance of the Elevation Drive System Eric Keto pdf
103 Measurements of Friction In The Elevation Drive of Antenna-1 Patel pdf
102 First Result of the SMA Holography Experiment Zhang,Bratko et al pdf
101 Estimate of Parts Needed for the Expanded 8 Antenna SMA Correlator Dowd pdf
100 VLBI Operation for the SMA2 Masson pdf
99 Data Reduction Computing for the SMA Masson pdf
98 The Receiver, Mezzanine and Backplane boards of the SMA Correlator Dowd  pdf
97 Modified Azimuth Cable Wrap -CONFIDENTIAL MEMO Levine  pdf
96 Preliminary Tests on the Modified Azimuth Bearings Silverberg et al pdf
95 Limit Switches for the SMA Antennas Nimesh Patel  pdf
94 Azimuth Cable Wrap Masson pdf
93 Summary of the Testing Done to Size the SMA Antenna Foundation Silverberg pdf
92 PMAC Servo parameters Masson pdf
91 Testing of Completed Antenna Foundations Silverberg  pdf
.... on Mauna Kea (Figures Silverberg pdf
90 Losses Due to Time Delays Masson pdf
89 Downconversion to Baseband and Sampling Dowd pdf
88 Blanking period and BOCF Masson pdf
87 Fringe Rotation Constraints for 6 and 8 Antennas Masson pdf
86 Certain Optics Considerations for the Holography Experiment Zhang  pdf
85 Planned Panel Alignment Procedure for the SMA Antennas Using Micro. Holog. X. Zhang et al pdf
83 Implementation of The Secondary Phase Rotator Dowd pdf
82 Improving the Frequency Resolution of the SMA Correlator Dowd et al  pdf
81 Correlator Back Plane Switching Dowd pdf
80 Multiple Wavelength Optical Transmission Levine html
79 Software Control and Hardware Addresses  Gonzalez et al  pdf
77 SMA Synthesis Beams of Tangential Zhao pdf
75 How Computers and PMACs Will Interact Gonzalez pdf
74 Point Source Sensitivity Improvement Achieved by Adding a Larger Antenna  Moran  pdf
73 Servo-Controlled Azimuth Tension Wrap Levine  pdf
72 The Effects of Comparator Hysteresis on Astronomical Spectrometers Dowd pdf
71 SMA Timing Signals From The Phase Rotator to The Correlator Dowd pdf
70 Notes on Azimuth Cable Wrap Alternatives Levine pdf 
69 Design Approach for the SMA Correlator Dowd  pdf
68 Delay and Phase Control Masson  pdf
67 Notes on Built-in IF/LO Test Capability Levine  pdf
66 Minimizing the Switching Requirements of the Correlator Board Dowd  pdf
65 Correlator Data Processing  Masson  pdf
64 Proposed Downconverter Design Dowd  pdf
63 Correlator Downconversion Architectures Masson et al pdf
62 Correlator Mode Selection Masson et al  pdf
61 Submission of a Bound Copy of the Final Report for the Thermal Design  Q-Metrics, Inc pdf
60 Opacity on Mauna Kea  Masson  pdf
59 Searching for Submillimeter Sites in Chile  Raffin et al pdf
58 Timing Accuracy for the SMA Masson  pdf
57 Correlator Configurations Ho  pdf
56 Fringe rotation, Delay stepping, and Phase switching Masson  pdf
55 Dynamical Analysis of the Antenna Raffin  pdf
54 SMA Antenna Mount Structural Analysis  Bruckman  pdf
53 SMA Antenna Thermal Analysis  Q-Metrics, Inc.  pdf
52 Azimuth and Elevation Servo Performance Predictions Cheimets  pdf
51 Analysis of The Reflector Back-Up Structure  Raffin  pdf
50 Antenna Surface Measurement for the SMA Masson  pdf
49 Opacity Update  Masson  pdf
48 Comparison of Atmospheric Opacity at Mount Graham and Mauna Kea  Masson  pdf
47 Hexcel Panel #4 Test Report  Hexcel  Paper
46 Zero-Order Gaussian Beam Calculations for All-Flat Optical System Foltz  pdf
45 Effect of Pointing Errors on the SMA Masson  pdf
44 Sensitivity to Sources in the Galactic Center vs. Site  Moran pdf
43 Programming Plan  Ho  pdf
42 Classification of Pointing Errors  Bruckman  pdf
41 Preliminary Servo Analysis  Cheimets  pdf
40 Requirements for Nasmyth or Coude Optics  Bruckman et al pdf
39 Influence of the Material On The Termainal Behavior of the Reflector Backup Structure  Hexcel pdf
38 Nasmyth vs. Coude Tradeoff  Bruckman  pdf
37 Preliminary Antenna Specifications  Bruckman  pdf
36 Maune Kea Complex Development Plan  Bruckman  pdf
35 Concerning a Chopping Secondary  Ho  pdf
34 Revised Requirements for Bent Nasmyth Optics  Foltz  pdf
33 Further Revisions to Requirements for Bent Nasmyth Optics  Foltz  pdf
32 Hawaii Site Plan Ho  pdf
31 Optically Assisted Pointing for SMA Antennas Silverberg  pdf
30 The SAO Phase Monitor Masson  pdf
29 Submillimeterwave Telescope Array Masson  pdf
28 Measurement of Wind at Mauna Kea Site Cheimets  pdf
27 SAO Submillimeter Array: Proof of Concept Coast Steel  pdf
26 Pointing Specifications for the SMA Antennas: The Basic Philosophy Silverberg  pdf
25 Phase Errors due to Non-Intersecting Axes Masson  pdf
24 Nasmyth Mirrors Foltz  pdf
23 SMA Mosaic Image Simulations Wood  pdf
22 Using SDE for SMA Imaging Simulations Wood  pdf
21 Design Considerations for SMA Antenna Optics  Padman  pdf
20 Results of Wind Spectrum Literature Search  Cheimets  pdf
19 Feasibility Study of Reflector  MAN/GHH  pdf
18 Feasibility Study of Telescope  MAN/GHH  pdf
17 Aluminum Panel Study  Bruckman et al  pdf
16 Receiver Cabin Equipment Baseline  Bruckman  pdf
15 Evaluation of ESSCO Technology for Submillimeter Array Final Report Essco  Paper
14 Composite Reflector Panels for the SAO Submillimeter Array Hexcel  pdf
13 Study Question Responses from TIW  TIW Systems  pdf
12 Atmospheric Opacity and Water Vapor  Masson  pdf
11 IF Processor and Correlator for the Submillimeter Wavelength Array Levine & Rogers pdf
10 6-Meter Antenna Study for SAO  TIW Systems  pdf
09 Reply to the Report from the STAG  Masson et al pdf
08 Report from the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group  Welch et al  pdf
07 Computing Requirements for the Submillimeter Array  Reid  pdf
06 Implication of Radiosonde Data for Sub-Millimeter Array Site Selection  Biretta  pdf
05 Design Study Memo #5: Phase Calibration for the SMA Masson  pdf
04 Design Study Memo #4: Atmospheric Phase Measurement Masson  pdf
03 Design Study Memo #3: Local Oscillator Phase Stability Masson  pdf
02 Design Study Memo #2: Array Configurations  Masson  pdf
01 Design Study Memo #1: Phase Calibration Masson  pdf

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