SMA Research: Distant Galaxies

The Submillimeter Array provides unique access to high-resolution imaging in the submillimeter: an order of magnitude improvement over the instruments that first discovered these extreme systems. This enables accurate positions from which we can identify multiwavelength counterparts and study submillimeter galaxies in detail, and size measurements of the far-infrared morphology from which we can explore the engine powering their tremendous luminosity.

SMA Research of Distant Galaxies


Giovanni Fazio, David Wilner, Jiasheng Huang, Mark Gurwell, Matt Ashby, Glen Petitpas

Daisuke Iono

Other Collaborators:
Joshua Younger

  Distant Galaxies

High resolution SMA imaging (top panel) of a bright submillimeter galaxy first identified with the SCUBA camera on the JCMT. The SMA provides an order of magnitude improvement in resolution (red circles show the positional uncertainty from SCUBA). This allows accurate an unambiguous identification (red circle) of counterparts in complementary data at many other wavelengths: including (from top to bottom) optical images from the Subaru 8m telescope, Spitzer Space Telescope mid-infrared images at 24 and 3.6 microns, and VLA radio maps.