SMA Logo
 The SMA logo was designed by Nimesh Patel. It shows eight stylized radio telescope "dishes", representing the eight antennas in the SMA array. Each antenna is connected by a line to every other antenna, representing the crosscorrelation process which produces the SMA's data. The colors are the official colors for the Smithsonian Institution logo. Note that the postcript file available on this page defines the SMA logo. However, the file itself does not contain the fonts for the logo's text. If the fonts requested by the postscript file do not exist on the computer rendering the image, the text portions may be distorted. In such a situation, the pdf file may be used.

The postscript and pdf files below can be converted to other formats (e.g. jpg) using any graphics manipulation program (e.g. gimp). To display the logo on a colored background, the black & white version is recommended- which should be converted to a .gif file with a transparent background. Please contact Nimesh Patel for further information.

pdf format
postscript format
Black & White pdf format
Black & White postscript format