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The Science Media Group has been commissioned to produce the following programs, now in production:

Chemistry for the 21st Century

An on-line introductory course that humanizes and demystifies chemistry through 13 half-hour video programs, on-line text, and interactive labs.

Harvard Environmental Learning Platform

SMG is partnering with the Harvard Center for the Environment to create a library of video clips, graphics, animations, and data visualizations to enhance and expand the teaching and learning of energy and the environment topics at Harvard and beyond.

Learner Express

SMG is partnering with Annenberg Learner and WGBH to create an easily-accessible, searchable library of video clips linked to key STEM concepts and pedagogy.


In partnership with Educational Development Center, USAID, and the Pakistan Department of Education, SMG is providing training and consultation for Pakistani film crews who are documenting best practices in STEM classrooms as part of a nationwide enhancement of pre-service teacher education in that country.

Science and Engineering in the Lives of Students

In partnership with Oregon State University, create a professional development course for middle and high school teachers to show how to teach math and science using problems in construction, e.g., thermodynamics, tension, electricity. Funded by NSF.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

Since 2005, the Science Media Group has produced many of the interactive video kiosks at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, including Evolution, New England Forests, Mollusks, and Fishes. Coming soon: Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Community Science Learning Through Youth Astronomy Apprenticeships

In partnership with SED and MIT, provide for organizations interested in replicating the program, video documentation of after school programs that use MicroObservatory for astronomy learning. Funded by NSF.

CfA Public Night Webcasts

Provide live, three-camera podcasts of CfA Monthly Observatory Nights, then edit and archive these for web distribution. Funded by Public Affairs.

  Alex Griswold working.
Alex Griswold at the Smithsonian American Art Museum for a video shoot.

Toby McElheny working.
Tobias McElheny from SMG (right) holding an underwater camera at the Galeta Point Marine Laboratory of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), and Jorge Morales (STRI) working on a student orientation video for the Welcome to Smithsonian video series.

Clive Grainger.
Clive Grainger shooting footage for the Essential Science series funded by Annenberg Media.

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