ATLAS Worksheet: Applications of the Global Positioning System

The Global Positioning System (GPS) can be used to determine position and velocity on the Earth or even in space. There are therefore many possible uses ("applications") of GPS.

Design an application of GPS. You can use some of the suggestions below, or think of your own. Draw a picture showing how GPS is to be used. You pictures should indicate where the GPS receiver should be located. Also show the locations of any human operators or computers, and any other equipment that is required.

For example, you might want to design a car that drives itself. Maybe you'll put the GPS receiver on the top of a car. The GPS receiver needs to be connected to a computer inside the car that a person gives commands to. Draw a picture showing these connections, and explain how the system is to be used.

Here are some other suggestions. Use one of these or think up your own.

Sketch your application here: