Export Compliance: Presenting at Conferences for Export Controlled Projects

Currently, space-related and satellite topics are subject to the ITAR. Also, topics related to certain adaptive optics, infrared cameras and detectors, and propulsion of the spacecraft or satellite.

Foreign conference topics or meetings with foreign collaborators are being reviewed by our Conference Team at the time the travel request is submitted. We evaluate if the session meets the open conference definition: it is an open meeting to all qualified, the fee is nominal, and it operates per export regulations. We also review if the paper or meeting is discussing ITAR-controlled instrument research. If the conference is not an open conference, or if the topic is a detailed discussion of an instrument controlled on the ITAR list, you may need to have the paper reviewed by your sponsor or the Office of Security Review. This takes 2 weeks.

Excerpt from the DoD guidelines to put information into the public domain:

The cognizant agency is DoD Office of Security Review, 1155 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301-1155. See 32 CFR Part 250 and DoD Instruction 5230.29, Security and Policy Review of DoD Information for Public Release (Jan. 8, 2009), http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/523029p.pdf (last viewed Jan. 2, 2012) stating in part:


    a. Detailed Procedures. The following procedures apply to all information required to be submitted to OSR for clearance:
      (1) Requests
        (a) Paper submissions of packages. A minimum of three hard copies of material, in its final form, shall be submitted, together with a signed DD Form 1910, "Clearance Request for Public Release of Department of Defense Information," to the Chief, Office of Security Review, 1155 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301-1155.
        (b) Electronic submissions of packages. One soft copy of the material, in its final form (Microsoft Word), shall be submitted, together with a signed DD Form 1910, by e-mail to secrev1@whs.mil.
      (2) Material submitted for review shall be approved by the Head of the DoD Component or an authorized representative as may be delegated in writing to indicate approval of the material proposed for public release.
      (3) All information submitted for review to OSR must first be coordinated within the originating DoD Component to ensure that it reflects the organization's policy position; does not contain classified, controlled unclassified, or critical information requiring withholding; and is reviewed for operations security in accordance with references (h) and (i).
      (4) Only the full and final text of material proposed for release shall be submitted for review. Notes, outlines, briefing charts, etc., may not be submitted as a substitute for a complete text. OSR reserves the right to return draft or incomplete documents without action.
      (5) Abstracts to be published in advance of a complete paper, manuscript, etc., require clearance. Clearance of an abstract does not fulfill the requirement to submit the full text for clearance before its publication. If an abstract is cleared in advance, that fact, and the OSR case number assigned to the abstract, shall be noted on the DD Form 1910 or other transmittal when the full text is submitted.
    b. Other Requirements. The requirements of References (d) and (j) shall apply to the processing of information proposed for submission to Congress.
    c. Web Site Publication. Information intended for placement on Web sites, or other publicly accessible computer servers, which are available to anyone, without access controls, requires review and clearance for public release if it meets the requirements of paragraph 1 of Enclosure 3. Web site clearance questions should be directed to the component's Web site manager. Review and clearance for public release is not required for information to be placed on DoD Web sites or computer servers that restrict access to authorized users.
    d. Basic Research. Submitters shall comply with DoD guidance on basic scientific and technical research review in DoDI 5230.27.

If you have further questions, please contact the Export Compliance Officer.


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