SSP Seminars: Spring 2008

SSP seminars are held from 12:00pm to 1:00pm in the Pratt conference room, PG-04, 60 Garden Street, unless otherwise noted below.

Monday 14th January
Rainer Wehrse (Zentrum für Astronomie der Universität Heidelberg)
The Poisson Point Process: an effective tool for radiative transfer problems
Monday 28th January
Steven R. Cranmer (CfA)
Turbulence-driven Polar Winds from T Tauri Stars Energized by Magnetospheric Accretion
Monday 11th February
William H. Matthaeus (Bartol Research Institute and Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Delaware)
Structure, complexity and relaxation in turbulence and the solar wind
Monday 25th February
Stefano A. Livi (Southwest Research Institute)
Exospheric Sampling of Mercury's Surface Composition
Monday 3rd March
12:00pm, Phillips
Beth Biller (IfA, University of Hawaii) ***NOTE DIFFERENT ROOM***
Direct Imaging of Exoplanets: Prospects for Comparative Exoplanetology
Monday 10th March
Jonathan Irwin (CfA)
Monitor: rotation periods of low-mass stars in young open clusters
Wednesday 30th April
Shravan Hanasoge (Stanford University)
Advances in our helioseismic view of the Sun
Tuesday 10th June
Robert Walsh (University of Central Lancashire)
Devilish details! Observational signatures of a multi-stranded, nanoflare-heated coronal loop
Monday 16th June
1:00pm, Phillips
Thayne Currie (CfA) ***NOTE DIFFERENT ROOM***
The Time History of Terrestrial and Icy Planet Formation As Reconstructed from Spitzer
Monday 14th July
Michael R. Meyer (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona)
Evidence for a Turnover in the Low Mass IMF: Analysis from an Ensemble of Young Clusters
Monday 11th August
11:30am, Phillips
Michael Kuehne (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany)
The metre convention and the re-definition of the International System of Units
Monday 18th August
Joan T. Schmelz (University of Memphis) POSTPONED
Coronal Loop Temperatures from Hinode Data: A Toothpaste Tube Analogy
Monday 25th August
R. Kariyappa (Indian Institute of Astrophysics)
Intensity Oscillations & Heating of the Solar Coronal XBPs from Hinode/XRT Observations

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To speakers: Please be sure to send an abstract of your talk to Jonathan Irwin (jirwin at cfa) by the close of business on the Wednesday (or at the very latest, 12pm EST/EDT on the Thursday) before the talk, in order to allow us to advertise it in the weekly CfA events calendar. Directions to the CfA are available here, and the OIR group maintain a useful guide to local accommodations for visitors from out of town.

Please contact Jonathan Irwin (jirwin at cfa) if you would like to give a talk, or if you have a visitor that you would like us to invite to give a talk.


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