SSP seminar - short talks

Monday 19th, October 2009, 12:00pm
Pratt Conference Room, 60 Garden Street

This week two people in the SSP division will give short informal presentations of works in progress. These "research glimpses" provide an opportunity to find out what other people in the division are working on. Our speakers will be:

Misha Petaev - The SJ101 CAI from the Allende chondrite: A record of dust evaporation, condensation, agglomeration, and melting in the early solar nebula.

The Ca,Al-rich refractory inclusions (CAIs) are the oldest solids formed in the Solar System. I will briefly review currently available petrologic, mineralogical, chemical, and isotopic data on the recently discovered SJ101 CAI and discuss them in terms of physicochemical processes taking place at the earliest stages of the solar nebula evolution.

Ofer Cohen - Interactions of the Magnetospheres of Stars and Close-in Giant Planets

I will present results from a 3D MHD simulation of the magnetic interaction between a close-in giant planet and its main star.


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