SSP seminar

Monday 2nd, November 2009, 12:00pm
Pratt Conference Room, 60 Garden Street

Jun Lin (Yunnan Astronomical Observatory) - Solar Eruptions and the CME/Flare Current Sheets.

The Sun is the source of all the disturbance occurring to the Earth and the environment nearby, and the most violent disturbance is caused by the major eruption. In the eruptive process, the magnetic energy is quickly converted into heat, kinetic energ, and fast-particle energy by mangetic reconnection in the current sheet. Long current sheet develops in the major eruption connecting solar flares to the associated CMEs.Unlike what expected previously, the CME/flare is thick, filled with various modes of turbulance that accounts for the thickness of the sheet upto 10^5 km. Projection effects yields the directly observed thickness is the upper limit to the true thickness, but its impact only causes the difference of a factor of between 2 and 4. The CME/flare current sheet is relateively topic, but has already initiated many active researches.


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