SSP Seminars: Spring 2009

SSP seminars are held from 12:00pm to 1:00pm in the Pratt conference room, PG-04, 60 Garden Street, unless otherwise noted below.

Monday 26th January
12:00 noon
Sebastien Lépine (American Museum of Natural History)
The SUPERBLINK proper motion survey: a voice for the common star
Monday 9th February
12:00 noon
Francois Fressin (CfA)
Monday 2th March
12:00 noon
Jesus Hernandez (University of Michigan)
"The Disk Census in the Star-forming Regions of the Orion OB Associations"
Monday 23rd March
12:00 noon
Dimitri Veras (University of Florida)
"Formation, Survival, and Detectability of Planets Beyond 100 AU"
Monday 6th April
12:00 noon, Phillips
Sam Krucker (SSL/UC Berkeley)
"Electron Acceleration in Solar Flares: Coronal hard X-ray Observations"
Monday 13th April
12:00 noon
Seth Redfield (Wesleyan)
"Observing the Atmospheres of Transiting Exoplanets from the Ground"
Monday 20th April
12:00 noon
Mukremin Kilic (CfA)
"White Dwarfs, Disks, and Planets"
Tuesday 28th April
Rafael Rebolo Lopez (IAC)
"Free-floating super-Jupiters in star clusters"
(Note time change!)
Thursday 30th April
Keivan Stassun (Vanderblit)
"Empirical Constraints on the Formation and Evolution of Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs: A Data-Intensive Approach"
(Note time change!)
Tuesday 19th May (Joint HEA/SSP Seminar)
Daniel Proga (UNLV)
"AGN Feedback via Radiation and Radiation-Driven Outflows" (Phillips Auditorium)
Monday 13th July
12:30 pm
Arnold Hanslmeier (Graz)
"Habitability and Cosmic Catastrophes"
(note, time change!)

[Past and future seminars]

To speakers: Please be sure to send an abstract of your talk to Thayne Currie (tcurrie at cfa) by the close of business on the Wednesday (or at the very latest, 12pm EST/EDT on the Thursday) before the talk, in order to allow us to advertise it in the weekly CfA events calendar. Directions to the CfA are available here, and the OIR group maintain a useful guide to local accommodations for visitors from out of town.

Please contact Thayne Currie (tcurrie at cfa) if you would like to give a talk, or if you have a visitor that you would like us to invite to give a talk.


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