Joint SSP/OIR seminar

The Type Ia Supernova Rate in Radio and Infrared Galaxies from the CFHT Supernova Legacy Survey

Melissa Graham (University of Victoria)

Monday 11th January 2010, 12:00pm
Pratt conference room, 60 Garden Street

We have combined the large SNIa database of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Supernova Legacy Survey and catalogs of galaxies with photometric redshifts, VLA 1.4 GHz radio sources, and Spitzer infrared sources. We present eight SNeIa in early-type host galaxies which have counterparts in the radio and infrared source catalogs. We find the SN Ia rate in subsets of radio and infrared early-type galaxies is 1-5 times the rate in all early-type galaxies, and that any enhancement is always <~2 sigma. Rates in these subsets are consistent with predictions of the two component ``A+B'' SNIa rate model. Since infrared properties of radio SNIa hosts indicate dust obscured star formation, we incorporate infrared star formation rates into the ``A+B'' model. We also show the properties of SNeIa in radio and infrared galaxies suggest the hosts contain dust and support a continuum of delay time distributions for SNeIa, although other delay time distributions cannot be ruled out based on our data.


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