SSP seminar

Meet and Greet SSP-2 !! Short presentations of the latest research.

Monday 1 October 2012, 12:00 pm
Pratt Conference Room, 60 Garden Street

Dave Latham: Super-Earths and Life

Mari Paz Miralles: Characterization of Solar Wind Source Regions

Tim Spahr: Operation of the Minor Planet Center

Aad van Ballegooijen: Heating of the Magnetized Solar Atmosphere

Sukrit Ranjan: Characterizing Transiting Planets with the Hubble Space Telescope

John Raymond: Spectroscopy of Astrophysical Plasmas

Sarah Rugheimer: Spectral Fingerprints of Earth-Like Planets

Leonard Strachan: Validation for Models of the Solar Corona and Solar Wind

Soeren Meibom: The Kepler Cluster Study


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