SSP Seminars: Spring 2013

SSP seminars are held from Noon to 1:00pm in the Pratt conference room, PG-04, 60 Garden Street, unless otherwise noted below.

Monday 7 January
Meet and Greet III: Scott Kenyon, Mah Asgari, Warren Brown, Gabor Furesz, Sylvain Korzennik, Lauren Woolsey, Jonathan Irwin, Laura Schaefer, Andrea Dupree, Owen Gingerich
Meet and Greet Topics
Monday 14 January
Meet and Greet IV: Mercedes Lopez-Morales, Dave Latham, Nancy Brickhouse, David Kipping, Gene Avrett, Anjali Tripathi, Francois Fressin
Meet and Greet Topics
Monday 21 January
Holiday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday 28 January
Stephen Redman, NIST
New and Improved Wavelength Calibration Sources for Astrophysical Spectromoters
Monday 4th February
Miho Janvier, Observatoire de Paris
Slip-running reconnection: a 3D extension to the standard model for eruptive flares
Monday 11th February
Morris Podolak, TelAviv University
Modeling Uranus and Neptune
Wednesday 13th February
SPECIAL SEMINAR: Takuma Matsumoto, Nagoya University, Japan
Coronal heating and solar mass loss processes above the open field region
Monday 18th February
Holiday: Presidents' Day
Monday 25th February
Nicholas Crouzet, STScI
New insights on exoplanet transmission spectroscopy with HST NICMOS & Ground-based transit photometry with ASTEP and XO-Constellation
Monday 4th March
Andy Szentgyorgi, CfA
State of SSP
Monday 11th March
Katrien Kolenberg, CfA
Kepler and the RR Lyrae Stars
Monday 18th March
Sara Gettel, CfA
Searching for Planets around Red Stars: New Calibrations and Detections
Monday 15th April
Dave Latham, CfA
All about TESS - the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite
Monday 22nd April
Patrick McCauley, CfA
EUV and X-Ray Observations of Comet Lovejoy (C/2011 W3) in the Lower Corona
Monday 29th April
Steven R. Cranmer, CfA
Turbulence as a Unifying Principle in Coronal Heating and Solar/Stellar Wind Acceleration
Thursday, May 2
12:30 pm, Pratt
SPECIAL SEMINAR (note date and time): Xavier Dumusque, CfA
Alpha Cen Bb or How to Mitigate Stellar Signals for Exoplanet Detection
Monday 6th May
Kevin C. Schlaufman, Kavli Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT
The Fate of Hot Jupiters
Monday 13th May
Leon Golub, CfA
A Close Look at the Solar Corona
Monday 20th May
Exoplanets in the Post-Kepler Era
Program here
Monday 27th May
Holiday: Memorial Day
Monday 3rd June
David Kipping and Amanda Preston, CfA
How to Crowd-Fund Your Research
Thursday 6th June
Noon in Classroom (A-101)
SPECIAL SEMINAR (note date and time): Prasad Subramanian, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research
Can Solar Wind Viscous Drag Account for CME Deceleration?
Monday 10 June
Noon, Pratt
Tabetha Boyajian, Yale University
Fundamental Stellar Astronomy with Interferometry and its Applications to Exoplanet Research
Friday 21st June
11:00 am, Pratt
SPECIAL SEMINAR (note date and time): Gaitee Hussain, ESO
Magnetic Fields in T Tauri Stars
Monday 24 June
Noon, Pratt
Elisabeth Guggenberger, U. of Vienna, Austria
Simple or Complex? Some Observational News about RR Lyrae Stars
Monday 15 July
Noon, Pratt
Nancy S. Brickhouse, CfA
Observing Variable Accretion onto a Young Star
Monday 22 July
Noon, Pratt
Adriaan van Ballegooijen, CfA
Observations and Models of Solar Prominences
Monday 29 July
Noon, Pratt
Eric Agol, University of Washington
Plumbing the Depths of the Kepler Data
Tuesday 31 July
2:00 pm, Pratt
SPECIAL SEMINAR: Paul Cassak, West Virginia University
On the Cause of Supra-Arcade Downflows in Solar Flares
Monday 12 August
Noon, Pratt
Joan Schmelz, University of Memphis
Grand Unified Speculation: Coronal Cooling and Multithermal Analysis of AIA Loops
Monday 18 August
Noon, Pratt
Pallavi Prakash, Peter Blum ... CfA
Radial Velocity Time Series of RR Lyrae Stars in M3
Monday 16 September
Noon, Pratt
Fabienne Bastien, Vanderbilt University
Thursday 19 September
Kevin Govender, Director of the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development
Monday 23 September
Noon, Pratt
Eric Lopez, University of California, Santa Cruz
Monday 7 October
Noon, Pratt
Michael Gillon, SPECILOOS a transit survey
Monday 21 October
Noon, Pratt
Robin Wordsworth, University of Chicago
Monday 4 November
Noon, Pratt
Peter Williams, CfA
Radio-wavelength Searces for Extra-solar Planets

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