SSP seminar

Meet and Greet SSP-3 !! Short presentations of the latest research.

Monday 7 January 2013, NOON
Pratt Conference Room, 60 Garden Street

Scott Kenyon: Whither Daphnis? Testing Migration Theory in Saturn's Rings

Mah Asgari: Alfven Waves and Coronal Heating

Warren Brown:The Telescope Data Center

Gabor Furesz: High Resolution Spectroscopy - the Instrumentation Side

Sylvain Korzennik: Helioseismology using GONG, MDI, and HMI Data

Lauren Woolsey: Turbulence-Driven Solar Wind

Jonatnan Irwin: Stars, Stars and Planets: Some Things I Do...

Laura Schaefer: Water on Super-Earths

Owen Gingerich: Juggling Projects: Miscellaneous Glimpses

Andrea Dupree: Sleuthing Helium in Globular Clusters


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