SSP seminar

Meet and Greet SSP-4 !! Short presentations of the latest research.

Monday 14 January 2013, NOON
Pratt Conference Room, 60 Garden Street

Mercedes Lopez-Morales: Planets, Catss and Harps

Aad Van Ballegooijen:Coronal Heating Mechanisms: Waves vs. Currents

Anjal Tripathi:Hot Jupiter Atmospheres Blowing in the Wind

Eugene Avrett: Calculating Stellar Chromospheric Spectra

Nancy Brickhouse: X-ray Spectroscopy of Young Stars

Amit Levi: Methane Transport in Water Super-Earth

Dave Latham: Discovery of Hot Jupiter in the Hyades

Francois Fressin: At least one in Six stars Has an Earth Size Planet

Laura Schaefer: Water on Super-Earths

David Kipping: Planets, Moons and Spots


Section Photo