SSP Seminars: Spring 2014

SSP seminars are held from Noon to 1:00pm in the Pratt conference room, PG-04, 60 Garden Street, unless otherwise noted below.

Wednesday January 1
Happy new year !!!!!
Monday January 6
Open (during AAS meeting)
Monday January 13
12:00 pm, Pratt
Ian Crossfield, Max-Planck-Institut fur Astronomie
A Clearer View of Clouds on the Nearest Brown Dwarfs
Friday January 17
12:30 pm, Pratt
Richard I. Anderson, Geneva Observatory
Classical Cepheids: High-precision Velocimetry, Cluster Membership, and the Effect of Rotation
Monday January 20
12:00 pm, Pratt
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Tuesday January 21
12:30 pm, Pratt
Luca Malavolta, University of Padua, Italy
Exoplanets and their host stars: news from Italy
Monday January 27
12:00 pm, Pratt
Vlada Stamenkovic, MIT
The distribution of plate tectonics planets in the Galaxy
Monday February 3
12:00 pm, Pratt
reserved (HAT planet search)
Monday February 10
12:00 pm, Pratt
Noe Lugaz, University of New Hampshire
Propagation of Solar Eruptions Between the Sun and the Earth
Monday February 17
12:00 pm, Pratt
Holiday: Washington's Birthday
Monday February 24
12:00 pm, Pratt
Amaury Triaud, MIT
Exploring and exploiting the diversity of exoplanetary systems
Monday March 3
12:00 pm, Pratt
Mike Cushing, University of Toledo
Hunting for Cool Brown Dwarfs with WISE
Monday March 10
12:00 pm, Pratt
Florian Rodler, CfA
High-resolution spectroscopy of exoplanet atmospheres is cool!
Monday March 17
12:00 pm, Pratt
Saskia Hekker, MPI for Solar System Research, Goettingen
Towards accurate ages of stars using asteroseismology
Monday March 24
12:00 pm, Pratt
Jonathan McDowell, CfA
The Globalization of Space
Monday March 31
12:00 pm, Pratt
Paul Green, CfA
Innocent Bystanders and Smoking Guns: the Dwarf Carbon Stars
Monday April 7
12:00 pm, Pratt
David Kipping, CfA
Asterodensity Profiling: A New Tool for Studying Exoplanets
Friday April 18
2:30pm, Pratt
Karen Kinemuchi, Apache Point Observatory
Field RR Lyrae stars - Tracers of the Galaxy
Monday April 21
12:00 pm, Pratt
Holiday: Patriots' Day
Wednesday April 23
12:00 pm, Pratt
Ximena Abrevaya, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Astrobiology, stellar radiation and the search for life
Monday April 28
12:00 pm, Pratt
Katrien Kolenberg, CfA
Stellar Tomography: RR Lyrae Stars & Astronomy for Development
Monday May 5
12:00 pm, Pratt
Duncan Forgan, Edinburgh
Population Synthesis of Objects Formed by Self-Gravitating Disc Fragmentation
Tuesday May 6
12:00 pm, Pratt
Jacqueline Faherty
Ultracool dwarfs
Monday May 12
12:00 pm, Pratt
Miho Janvier, University of Dundee, UK Open
From MHD simulations to coronal observations: How to build a standard flare model in 3D?
Monday May 19
12:00 pm, Pratt
Timothy Rodigas, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie, Washington, DC
Imaging Planets and Disks with an Eye on the Future
Monday May 26
12:00 pm, Pratt
Holiday: Memorial Day
Monday June 23
12:00 pm, Pratt
Thayne Currie, University of Toronto
Exoplanet direct imaging.
Monday June 30
12:00 pm, Pratt
Eric Agol, University of Washington
The theory and discovery of a self-lensing binary.
Monday July 7
12:00 pm, Pratt
Raphaelle Haywood, University of St Andrews, Scotland
Accounting for stellar activity in exoplanet radial velocity observations using Gaussian processes
Monday July 21
12:00 pm, Pratt
Antigona Segura, Universidad Nacional Aut—noma de Mˇxico
Biosignatures, the case of habitable planets around M dwarfs

[Past and future seminars]

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